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Rain Clip Art

Hello readers… Happy April. I hope that your April showers are bringing you some early May flowers. Here at the Twimom household, my Baby Girl turned 6 on Easter Sunday, and I’m feeling a bit sad that she’s growing up so fast!  
Now It’s time for our April Book GIVEAWAY! How do these titles sound? 
Set #1
Tall, Dark & Dead by Tate Hallaway
Sierra Falls by Veronica Wolff
Werewolf in Seattle by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Set #2
Doubletake by Rob Thurman
The Thirteenth Sacrifice by Debbie Viguie
Magic Unchained by Jessica Andersen
Two lucky winners will win some great April releases.  
The Rules: To be entered, please leave a comment telling me what your favorite flower is AND which book set (1 and/or 2) you prefer if you win (I will do my best to accommodate the winners’ first choice). You do not need to be a google friends connect follower of my blog, but it always appreciated. Also, I appreciate all 1+ an other shares that are out there! Contest is open from April 9, 2012 until Friday April 13, 2012 at 9:00 PM EDT. If your email is not part of your profile, please leave it so I may contact the winners.  One entry per person. Contest is restricted to US and Canadian mailing addresses only. Two (2) winners will be selected from eligible entries using random.org. I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.
Thanks and Happy Reading!

15 Responses to “April Book Giveaway”

  1. Ivy says:

    Gardenias…the scent you buy doesn’t even come close to the real thing. It’s way too strong. I had 3 bushes in the yard when I lived near Myrtle Beach. I’d cut them and float them in bowls of water. The house & the yard had that subtle heavenly scent.

    Set #1

    Thanks for the chance!

  2. erin says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Thanks for the giveaway. My preference is 2, 1.

    Ummm… I don’t really have a favorite flower. So… snapdragons? lol… That’s the only name and flower that I can remember right now.

    Thanks again and have a lovely Monday!

    gfc: erin

  3. Book Geek says:

    Tulips….live there Shape….
    I won’t Luke to win set #1

  4. Tina B says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter!
    I am not unique at all when it comes to this. My favorite flowers are roses! Maybe because that was my great-grandmother’s name. They smell wonderful!
    I also love the look of Calla Lilies, but they don’t really have a scent.
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    If I win, I would like Prize Pack #2 please. 🙂
    Trb0917 at gmail.com

  5. Susan T. says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter! Gerber daisy are my favorite springtime flower.

    Would love to win set #1. Thanks.


  6. Barbara E. says:

    My favorite flower is pansies, they’re just so beautiful and cheerful too. Both sets are awesome, but if I have to choose, I’ll pick Set #2 (but I’d take #1 as second choice for sure).

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  7. They do grow up way too fast!

    My favorite flower is the Lilac! I just love the scent! And I’d love to win pack #1. Thanks so much!

    melissaseclecticbookshelf at gmail dot com

  8. My favorite flower mmmm…..I think tulips are pretty and they don’t really have smell. (flowers are pretty but I don’t like the smell)
    Prize #1 please.
    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great April.

    thebooknympho AT gmail DOT com

  9. Malinda says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips and i would like set #2. Select me its my birthday month lol

  10. Barb K. says:

    Very good set of books all sound very interesting. My favorite flower is the carnation love it’s many colors. I would like Prize Pack # 1.

  11. Na says:

    My favorite flower is an orchid.
    I would like to read Set #1.


  12. Sara M says:

    My favorite flower is the sunflower. And I would love to win set #1.

    Sara M
    sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

  13. Sariah says:

    I really like white roses. I also like really bright colored daisy flowers. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I would like set 2.

  14. AsianCocoa says:

    Your Daughter’s birthday is the day after mine. Yay Aries babies! My favorite flowers are orchids. I would like set #2.
    asiancocoa94 at aol dot com

  15. Naomi Hunter says:

    My favorite flower is a tulip. 🙂 and I would like set 2.

    E-mail is megiem823 at gmail dot com

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