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Reading Challenges

I realize that it’s only September and there are still over three months left in 2013. However, I’ve already been thinking a lot about next year.

First… I am already starting to schedule reviews for January 2014… That’s right! My personal review schedule is pretty much set through the end of this year. Earlier this week, I received an ARC for a book that comes out in January. I also sat down and looked at the upcoming release schedule, adding in slots for “must read” books that I auto-purchase.

Second… I just completed my GoodReads book challenge this week. I finished my 75th book – and my goal for this year was to read at least 75 books. I really hope to read 100 books – I’ve never done it, but I also don’t want to make it an “official” goal, because I know that I get really busy during the fall and winter. I don’t want to set myself up for failure, but also, I don’t want to have a challenge that causes me to “just read to hit the mark.” I select each book because I WANT to read it, and I would hate to just start grabbing books to meet a goal (not that there is a shortage of books I want to read!).

Each of the past two years, I’ve made it a personal goal to read new-to-me authors. This has been a great unofficial reading challenge. I only need to read one more new-to-me author to meet my goal of 15 authors in 2013 (and I already have two on my upcoming schedule!). Last year I met my goal as well. It’s been a great opportunity for me to try out authors that I’ve been eyeing for a while, or catch something new I’ve not heard of before – like meeting someone at a con (which happens to me all the time!).

However, by reading all of these new authors, I’m neglecting a huge pile (both real and virtual) of books that I own. That’s right… the TBR pile! I have so many books that I own and keep thinking “when will I have the time?!” So I’ve decided that for 2014… I am creating a goal of reading at least 12 books from my TBR pile. I’ll probably try to read a series or two. With that goal, I am also going to purposely limit reading any new-to-me authors and new series. It’s going to be tough, and the goal may evolve between now and the start of 2014, but I am excited.

What about you? Do you participate in reading challenges – either personal or organized? Have you thought of what you’d like to read in 2014? What are your favorite reading challenges?

Thank you for stopping by to chat! Happy Reading!


  • I participated in a few reading challenges this year and I’ve completed all of them but my Goodreads goal. I’ve read 100 out of 140. I’m hoping I can meet the 140 goal.

    I’ve already set my goal personal goal for 2014. I’ll be posting details on it later this year. It’s a wild goal and some will think I’m crazy but I going to do it. I will! LOL

    • Wow! That is awesome! I am curious, do you count audio books in your totals? Or do you have a separate goal for those?

      I can’t wait to hear more about your 2014 goals!!

  • You know what your post reminded me? That I need to get started on prepping for the 2014 reading challenges that I’ll hosting! LOL That’s going to be on my Bloggiesta to-do list.

    I love participating in reading challenges but I don’t actually complete most of them. I’m way behind on my reading goal of 100 books, which saddens me. I’ve been in a reading slump lately and that’s not helping matters.

    @Jennifer – I can’t wait to hear about your personal goal for 2014 😀

    • It’s tough when you get in a reading slump, regardless of reading goals and challenges! Maybe a change of genre can help?

      • The books I’ve DNF lately were ones that didn’t grab me. I don’t think it’s genre burn out, at least I hope not, but who knows.

  • Oooh! I’m at 46 of my 52 book goal. I include stuff I read for work, however. Maybe I should only make it a pleasure-reading goal… That would be difficult, because I always want to brag-up good YA that I read for work. I’m too lazy to keep my own list. I let GR keep it for me.

    I need to work on reading from my TBR as well. I’m behind on series I adore because other things have gotten in the way. I have books I’ve purchased SITTING on my Kindle. I’m embarrassed to even look at how many I have now… I like the idea of lowering the TBR pile! It may be a challenge, depending on work, but if I’m reading, I need to be periodically look at something I’ve eagerly anticipated… like Qhuay. I’ve still not read it. *boggle*

    • Maybe I’ll make an informal TBR pile reading challenge that others can join!!

      • I like that idea! The TBR pile challenges I’ve seen go above and beyond, while I’m looking for something a little more straight forward.

  • unareads

    I am with you Twimom! I have the same problem, I am up to date on my blog post readings, but my TBR is way huge. I am trying to knock it down now. Getting in a book from the TBR when I am in a break. I used to do reading challenges but with work and munchkin – I cannot put the work in to do it honestly. Plus, I like your idea of working on the TBR pile. I think I will do something like that but nothing formal. For me, life can just up and whiplash me and I hate to fail something.

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