#FitReaders Check-In: May 8, 2015

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Sign up for May 2015

Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group during 2015. For the months of April – June 2015, I will be hosting the official check-ins. To learn more about #FitReaders, or to sign up for May, click the image above. This is my weekly check-in post where I share about my week, and I hope you share about yours as well. You can also catch Felicia’s weekly check-in HERE.

If you have a weekly check-in blog post or put your updates on any social media site, please leave a link to your check-in posts in the comment section, below. Or, if you want to use this post as your weekly check-in, leave a comment telling us how your week went!

My Week:

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! Seriously…. It went from highs in the mid-40s to 70s and even 80 on Thursday! This week has been absolutely beautiful and so I’ve been outside a lot. The weather makes walking so much more enjoyable. I even got away from my usual route now that the sidewalks are clear of snow! I live on the coast, so there are a lot of wetlands and marshes. Here is a photo of a small wooded wetland near me.


Skunk cabbage is popping up in the wet areas – spring is finally here!

As I mentioned last week – I am now a member of Fitbit and I’m really enjoying it! I set my step goal at 10,000 per day – this is in addition to exercising 30 minutes/day. It’s definitely making a difference in my day-to-day activities. I’ll march in place, walk the long way to get something at work, do jumping jacks while watching TV! The weekly challenges are fun too! You can friend me via twimom227 (at) gmail (dot) com.

My Movement:
Friday: 35 minutes walking + 20 minutes on trampoline, 12,669 steps
Saturday: 43 minutes walking, 10,139 steps
Sunday: 47 minutes walking, 10,357 steps
Monday: 46 minutes walking, 10,333 steps
Tuesday: 71 minutes walking, 12,938 steps
Wednesday: 66 minutes walking, 12,878 steps
Thursday:  55 minutes BodyFlow + 60 minutes walking, 12,300 steps

Questions for YOU!

How was your week? Did you hit any milestones? Try a new food or workout? Celebrate your week with us!


27 Responses to “#FitReaders Check-In: May 8, 2015”

  1. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    It’s amazing how motivating a fitbit (or other device) can be, isn’t it? You did great! My post is here: https://bookfanmary.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/fitreaders-weekly-check-in-11/

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Thanks Mary! Yes… There was one night last week that I wasn’t going to go for a walk, but I was doing a challenge, so reaching those 10,000 steps made a difference and I went for my walk! Love it!

  2. gk nelson says:

    Look that those steps! That’s awesome@jentwimom:disqus
    After last week I took a break. Plus I took my usual running/walking buddy to get fixed so we have laid low. This has been a very emotional week (my ex lost the last of the 3 dogs we had together very unexpectedly). I have still hit the gym and got in 3 workouts (maybe a 4th today). Next week is going to be tons of travel food and family so I will try to do all in moderation. Back at the steps game when I get back.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      *HUGS* sorry about losing your dog. Sometimes a break is needed and it sounds like you have a good plan of action. I hope you are doing something fun next week!

  3. Gayle Cochrane says:

    Now I want a trampoline! How fun. Looks like you are doing awesome. I am in the early May, (school ending for kiddo, busy time of year) slump. Shaking it off today, by starting to log food again.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Thanks. My neighbors have the trampoline and were out of town – told my girl she could use it. It’s big enough that we both could go in it. Let me tell you – it’s a LOT of work!

      This time of year is very busy – I hear you. I’ll be working a lot of extra hours the next couple of weeks, too. We can pull through this together!

  4. Adriana Garcia says:

    You are doing amazing each day! It’s lucky your weather has warmed up so much. Why is it called skunk cabbage?
    I did pretty good this week. I could have done better though. I did try cooking more and made spaghetti for the first time. I’ve pretty much perfected a healthy breakfast for myself which is great.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      As the name suggests–it stinks! LOL. It looks like cabbage, low to the ground with broad leaves, but if you break/tear the leaves they emit a foul odor!

      Glad you are eating better – I’ve always wanted to try and make my own pasta… some day! Thanks so checking in!

  5. That’s awesome you hit your step count. I might have to check out the fitbit. I know I don’t walk nearly enough since I work from home and don’t need to leave too often. That might get me doing some extras.

    I’m working on food still here. I set a calorie count for losing 2 pounds a week (eeks) and so far 3 days in I’ve been able to come in just under goal by a few points. So that’s good. Picked up some new tennis shoes today as well.

    Is it okay to post updates to FB instead of the blog? It looked like but just wanted to check first 🙂

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Sounds like a good week, Anna! I have been hesitant about getting a Fitbit, but it’s been a motivator. Last night, I still had about 1000 steps to hit my goal, so I danced with my daughter to get the steps in – otherwise, we would have just sat on the couch!

      You can post your updates where ever you like! And if you want to put a link here, please feel free. It’s an individual journey, we are here to support you along the way!

  6. Kathryn Trask says:

    Fantastic week and nice to be walking in your very warm spring weather. I was happy with my week too. My Fitreader’s Week Check in

  7. Melanie Simmons says:

    I’ve not been very good this week. I’ve been so busy at work, that I’ve been skipping lunch (which is usually a 30-40 walk), plus at home I’ve been trying to get so much done before I go to RT, I just haven’t had the time and been out of energy. I love how my FitBit has helped me get extra steps in. Glad it is helping you. I love the challenges too, but haven’t done any in a while.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Sounds like we need to set up a challenge! 😉

      Have a great time at RT and see if you can find a friend to walk with. I know Jeffe Kennedy will be there and she’s a walker! Enjoy!!

  8. Blodeuedd says:

    My week 🙂


    Yay a new pic. I saw spring everywhere this week too. Finally

  9. Kristin T. says:

    Yay for getting a Fitbit!!! I love mine – have had it for a few years now. It’s very great way to make sure I move throughout the day and the challenges are really motivating!!!

    Have a great week!


  10. Carole says:

    I am so glad summer is here!!!!!

  11. teddyree says:

    YAY … nice work, all those steps and lovely weather to do it in. What a great idea on the trampoline. I love my fitbit too but not much motivated me last week. Back on the horse this week 🙂 http://teddyree-theeclecticreader.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/its-monday-check-in-time.html

  12. SashaWhite says:

    I’m a reader too, can I join, or does my authorness disqualify me?


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