#FitReaders Check-In: June 12, 2015

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Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group during 2015. For the months of April – June 2015, I will be hosting the official check-ins. To learn more about #FitReaders, or to sign up for May, click the image above. This is my weekly check-in post where I share about my week, and I hope you share about yours as well. You can also catch Felicia’s weekly check-in HERE.

If you have a weekly check-in blog post or put your updates on any social media site, please leave a link to your check-in posts in the comment section, below. Or, if you want to use this post as your weekly check-in, leave a comment telling us how your week went!

My Week:

RAGT15 walk

Fellow #FitReaders Felicia, Melanie, and Liza on a walk at #RAGT15

My “week” started with a trip to Lori Foster’s Annual Reader Author Get Together. I attended the event in West Chester, OH, along with 500 other readers, authors, bloggers, and industry professionals. This was my fourth year attending. One of the great perks – getting to walk, drink, and dance with some of our #FitReader crew! For more of my photos from the event, check out my Facebook page.

I did a great job getting in my steps, even while away, especially on Friday night when there was an awesome dance event. A few of us danced for about four hours, determined to hit 20,000 steps! Eating – well that wasn’t quite as good, as I did have a few too many servings of this and that. I was up a couple pounds at my weigh-in on Monday, but I know it will come off now that I’m back home.

My Movement:
Friday: 37 minutes walking, 21,294 steps
Saturday: 39 minutes walking, 10,224 steps
Sunday: no exercise, 6,789 steps
Monday: 39 minutes walking, 10,097 steps
Tuesday: 51 minutes walking, 12,924 steps
Wednesday: no exercise, 12,108 steps
Thursday: 35 minutes walking, 10,574 steps

Questions for YOU!

How was your week? Did you hit any milestones? Try a new food or workout? Celebrate your week with us!

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  • Great steps! I have yet to hit 20K steps but I’m getting near.

    • Thanks! I had made it to 18K a few times, but this was a big push to hit 20K. The fun night of dancing totally made it doable!

  • It was so much FUN!

    • It was a lot of fun! So glad we got to spend time together!

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  • gk nelson

    you guys are so cute together, totally jealous!
    Met my step goal of 12k every day but Sunday and Monday. Sunday we had a party and Monday was recovery. So I made the rest of the week a minimum of 15k to make up for the “lost steps” which has worked out pretty well. I am in a work week challenge and refuse to lose, around 70k steps for the last 5 days and still half a day to go, Woot!
    gym has been excellent. I have added more weight and more time in and the results are very good. I will hopefully do some progress pictures on the FB page soon.

    • Great job! That’s a lot of stepping!

      • gk nelson

        I felt pretty guilty for my over indulgence. Monday was pretty bad. so making up the steps was a good way to get myself past feeling guilty.

  • Liza Brown

    23K steps on Friday thanks to us dancing for 4 hours. 🙂

  • Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    Saturday, June 6
    Pilates – burned 189 calories doing 60 minutes of Pilates
    Sunday, June 7
    Washing Car & Truck – burned 684 calories doing 120 minutes of Washing Car
    Monday, June 8
    Off Day
    Tuesday, June 9
    Off Day
    Wednesday, June 10
    Swimming – burned 264 calories doing 30 minutes of Swimming
    Thursday, June 11
    Walk – burned 206 calories doing 43 minutes of Walking
    Friday, June 12
    Elliptical & Mowing Yard – burned 488 calories doing 30 minutes elliptical | 30 minutes mowing

    I don’t normally count my steps since I’ve stopping walking as my form of exercise but we are going to Florida for a long weekend this coming week and we will be walking all over Universal Studios so I’m going to dust off my step counting app while we’re there to see how much walking I get in.

    • That’s a lot of car washing!! I’m excited to find out the step counts after your trip! Have a great time!!

      • Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

        Yeah I washed my small SUV and my husband’s full sized truck. Plus cleaned the inside.

  • Adriana Garcia

    Wow! More than 20,000 steps on Friday! I’m happy you had fun at the Reader Author Get Together 😀
    I did better this week! Finally.

  • Mary

    What a fun event. I’ve read about it in past years. How great to meet up with the other FitReaders 🙂 Great job with the steps, everyone!!

    • Thanks! It’s one I highly recommend – low key and low cost. Lots of fun!

  • Kathryn Trask

    Great walking there Jen. My week I hit my goal which I was happy with. Weekly Wrap – Fit Readers – Sunday Post

  • Nise’

    Looks like a great time was had by all! I walk 35 + mins and don’t get that many step counts. Maybe I need to upgrade my counter!

    My Post

    • The steps aren’t from just the walk!!! Those are ALL DAY STEPS! I have two goals – one is to exercise for at least 30 minutes and the other is to get 10,000 steps during the day. I generally have about 1,600 steps per mile. So a 30 minute walk will be about 3,500 steps.

  • Gayle Cochrane

    Looks like that is a fun event, four hours of dancing is awesome.
    My week well, seven day average of 10,726, which I will take.

  • Kristin T.

    Loved that you all walked together and had fun while doing it – and how fun, dancing to get those steps in!!! I’ve hit 20K a few times and it always feels so good.


    • Thanks so much! I don’t know if I will do it again any time soon!

  • teddyree

    Way to go, you killed it Jen, dancing is such a great workout … lucky duckies getting to spend time together!
    I had a better week 🙂

    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun. Glad I can do that kind of thing every once and a while! Glad you had a better week, too!

  • Wow, 20K steps in one day?! That’s so awesome!! I have yet to do that, but I hope to some day. I think my highest has been around 18K. Great week you had!

    I had a few milestones last week I’m really proud of. I worked out every day, which I think is the first full week for me. I hit a total of 100,000 steps in a week for the first time since getting my Fitbit. And I ran 4 miles straight two days in a row, which was also a first for me! Pretty pumped.


    • WOW!!! That is super impressive! Great job! I don’t know that I’ll be back at 20K steps anytime soon!

  • How fun you got to meet other #Fitreaders ! You did great this week!

    • Thanks Kathy! It was so much fun being together for the weekend!

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