#FitReaders Check-In: June 19, 2015

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Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group during 2015. For the months of April – June 2015, I will be hosting the official check-ins. To learn more about #FitReaders, or to sign up for May, click the image above. This is my weekly check-in post where I share about my week, and I hope you share about yours as well. You can also catch Felicia’s weekly check-in HERE.

If you have a weekly check-in blog post or put your updates on any social media site, please leave a link to your check-in posts in the comment section, below. Or, if you want to use this post as your weekly check-in, leave a comment telling us how your week went!

My Week:


Things are winding down here at home, this is the last day of school for my kiddos and next week is my last week of work until September. We have one more lacrosse tournament, a karate tournament, my MIL’s birthday, and Father’s Day. Then it is SUMMER VACATION! I’m hoping to find a couple of 5K races over the summer to keep me moving during the lazy days!

The big news… I upgraded my Fitbit Flex to the Charge HR. I LOVE IT! I like having the added features such as heart rate, automatic sleep mode, and staircase climbs. I also like having the ability to read my steps and other goals right on my wrist, rather than having to get out my phone. The Fitbit and the iOS app that goes with it have really made a difference in my daily movement over the past two months. I’ve even lost a couple more pounds because of it! That’s a good thing, since I’ll be heading on a 2 week vacation at the end of the month!

My Movement*:
Friday: 30 minutes walking, 8,930 steps/day
Saturday: 43 minutes walking, 13,286 steps/day
Sunday: 46 minutes walking, 14,850 steps/day
Monday: 60 minutes walking, 11,438 steps/day
Tuesday: 31 minutes walking, 10,709 steps/day
Wednesday: 47 minutes walking, 13,331 steps/day
Thursday: 50 minutes Body Flow + 60 minutes walking, 14,000 steps/day

* After a comment about my timed walking and the number of steps I record, I realized it might be confusing. I track two different goals. The first goal is a timed duration of exercise – moving with the intent to raise my heart rate and get in some cardiovascular work. This is what I’m mean when I say “45 minutes walking.” The second goal is total daily steps. This is from my Fitbit, which measures all steps from 12:00AM – 11:59PM, exercise included. I hope that clarifies my movement data.

Questions for YOU!

How was your week? Did you hit any milestones? Try a new food or workout? Celebrate your week with us!

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36 Responses to “#FitReaders Check-In: June 19, 2015”

  1. Mary says:

    The Charge sounds great! I love how it motivated you and you lost more weight. I’m still using my first – a Fitbit One.

    Enjoy your busy week and YAY summer vacation!!

    My post is here: https://bookfanmary.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/fitreaders-weekly-check-in-17/

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Thanks Mary. I’m really enjoying the new Fitbit, but also the Flex, which I have for backup now. I think I’ll need some challenges when I go on vacation in a week!

  2. I haven’t been very good about tracking my workouts, but I’ve been great about actually doing them. With the new treadmill desk at work, I’ve been hitting my goal of at least 10,000 per day and many day getting closer to 12-15k steps. It has done nothing but rain, so I haven’t gotten in any riding on my new horse and I leave on vacation next week. Hopefully, things will have dried out some when I get back and I can add that to my exercise list.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      That is awesome about the treadmill desk – so glad it’s working out for you! Do you track your steps on Fitbit? Because in my “friends” list, you are “unranked” – I thought that meant you weren’t using it.

      Poor new horse – have you decided on a name?

  3. UnaReads says:

    I’m happy that I’ve been able to go to the gym M-F two weeks in a row (pending today). The only advantage of the summer work schedule (6;30am to 2:30pm). I am feeling much better now that I’m getting my steps in. Now I just need to try to get to bed a half hour to a hour earlier and I’d be set! =) Great progress Jen!

  4. Jeffe Kennedy says:

    I’m down to my lowest weight in a year – yay!!

  5. Gayle Cochrane says:

    I only count my steps, but I could could my treadmill time. It made sense that you are tracking things that you do to raise your heart rate. I should figure out to to add that goal. Good week here 10.275 average.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Nice job on the steps! Any week where the average is over 10K per day is a good one!!

      Yes, when I started this journey back in Jan. 2014, I started with a goal of “moving with purpose for 10 minutes/day” so I’ve always had a goal of “moving with purpose” for a minimum amount each day. They recently, I got a Fitbit, and added the step goal in as well. This keeps me moving all day, rather than just during the times I’m “exercising.”

  6. gk nelson says:

    The charge sounds pretty good. I have a reminder set that checks my fitbit and lets me know at 5pm what my current steps are. Just a reminder to get my steps going. Vacation sounds lovely, I need one of those!

    I was in the pool helping teach Saturday and Sunday so my steps were low, the rest of the week has been pretty good otherwise. I have been hitting the gym every other day and I have been eating better. I have gotten my ulcer irritated so bland food, no booze and no coffee. Not very happy about that but I am managing it. I have 18 students out for the lake this weekend so low steps again.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Low steps – but intense workouts! That is when a goal around “minutes of exercise” would work better. Sorry about the ulcer, but eating better is a good thing? Right?

  7. Kristin T. says:

    Love that you include both the cardio walking you do and your total steps…Once I get back into a better routine, I’m going to go back to doing that. I had another crazy work week where my schedule was all over the place…thank goodness for having 2 dogs that need to go out frequently and love taking walks 🙂


  8. teddyree says:

    I love my fitbit One but I’d love to get a fitbit that monitors heart rate that’s NOT on the wrist. Do you know if that exists? we always get the new stuff later in Australia. With the nerve pain in my hands I don’t even wear a watch. Way to go Jen, you had a totally awesome week!!

    I was finally back on target this week 🙂


    • Jen Twimom says:

      Thanks! I know that there are chest straps that monitor heart rate, which are supposed to be more accurate. I don’t know if Fitbit makes them, but they do exist.

      Glad you are back on track – let’s keep pinging each other for mini-walks!

  9. Brandie says:

    You are doing so awesome with your steps!! I love my Charge – glad you are loving yours! It’s amazing how much more motivated I am to get my daily steps (or more) because of having it.
    I’m really looking forward to having a week off soon – I’m just ready for a break and to be at home. I don’t go anywhere, just stay home with my daughter (hubby can’t take vacation in the Summers because of busy season at work). Where are you going on vacation?


    • Jen Twimom says:

      We head to Michigan for a family vacation/reunion every Fourth of July. My folks live on a lake, and my sister/family will be there. Then we have all sorts of cousins that come in and stay near by. Lots of fun!

  10. You had a great week. I only track the number of days I work out but I do make an effort to at least do 5,000 steps a day. I’ve been able to meet this since I go to the gym during the week. Have a great week!

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Thanks! Even though you aren’t “tracking” everything you do – you are still getting out there every day and doing something. That’s great!!

  11. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho says:

    Saturday, June 13
    Mow Yard – burned 312 calories doing 45 minutes
    Sunday, June 14
    Off Day
    Monday, June 15
    Walk – burned 240 calories doing 45 minutes of Walking
    Tuesday, June 16
    Off Day
    Wednesday, June 17
    Off Day
    Thursday, June 18
    Vacation – airport day and some walking but didn’t keep track
    Friday, June 19
    Vacation – Universal Studios WALKING – 4.36 miles burned 462 calories

    • Jen Twimom says:

      Look at you, checking in while on vacation! I’ve enjoyed seeing your photos. Hope you are having fun!!

      • Jennifer @ The Book Nympho says:

        We did have fun. We got back home last night. Really the best part of Universal Studios is the Harry Potter parts. We didn’t even really do anything else the two days we visited the park. LOL Of course you have to walk through everything else to get to the Harry parts.

  12. Reading Wench says:

    Yet another week of not reaching my step goal: http://thereadingwench.com/2015/06/23/fitreaders-check-in-25/
    On top of that, I’ve hit 200 lbs, which is depressing.

    • Jen Twimom says:

      🙁 It seems like you’ve hit a rough spot right now. What can I do to help you?

      As far as steps… maybe try lowering your goal for a couple weeks. Not so much that it’s “easy,” but enough that you can accomplish it and feel good about your work. Also, try adding in some movement that you don’t count with steps – something like stretching or yoga?

      • Reading Wench says:

        The most difficult part for me is finding the time, but I’m working on that. I’m trying to think more in terms of 10 minutes here or there that I can squeeze in some exercise. Also, to deal with my weight, I’ve cut out all the little empty calories I tend to eat or drink throughout the day and I’ve started logging my food in the Fitbit app again. It’s rough, though, because I LOVE food, especially all the “wrong” foods, so I’m thinking about maybe trying one of those programs to break the sugar addiction along with some tricks I used to quit smoking.

      • Jen Twimom says:

        Sounds like a good plan!


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