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Meet the Review Team:

Jen Twimom

twitter_aviI began my reading journey at a young age, when I would spend my spare change to buy books, just so I could have them on my shelf after I was done reading them. Now that I’ve grown and my reading tastes matured, I find that I’m still the same girl who likes to read and look at the pretty books on her shelf (or rather, shelves!). Although these days, I admit that I spend more time reading on my Kindle than a good ol’ book.

I founded That’s What I’m Talking About on January 28, 2010, as a place to discuss in better detail the books we were chatting about on Twitter. My blog is a project of love, and I’m so glad to share it with you.

I am a full-time mom, with a part-time job outside the home. I have two (mostly) wonderful children: The Boy (a teenager!) and Baby Girl (BG). My background is in engineering and urban planning, but now I work part-time for a small non-profit writing plans and managing grants. I would love to spend more time reading and blogging, but it doesn’t pay the bills! Joining me on my journey is also my husband and our 2 cats. We reside in the New England region of the United States.

I love to talk about books and reading, so please drop me a line or find me on Twitter at @twimom227. Thanks so much for stopping by!



B. is a freelance copyeditor, writer, and graphic designer based in Austin, Texas. She is happily married to a very tolerant man and has two children who are too smart for their own good…or hers, for that matter. B. will be helping me with book reviews and other fun stuff. Please say hello to B., and give her a warm welcome!



Gikany has a degree in chemical and bio-chemical engineering. Yet, through the wonderful twists of fate – she is a government employee for the State of California, keeping the people safe from harm. Her lust for knowledge has kept her a perpetual student. Gikany enjoys taking a class every semester in the subjects she neglected in the pursuit of her degree. She is a single mother to Rupert and Tinker, her precocious kitties.



“Una” is an architect by day and a child-wrangler by night. Residing somewhere in California, she is happily married to a patient and very loving man who indulges her in her love of reading, knitting, exercising, and various church and community activities. She is a mother to one precious boy, “Munchkin,” and one adorable baby girl, “Pixie.” Our family is rounded out by two dogs and two kitties, though with the kiddos, the family zoo may yet continue to evolve. When we break away from our everyday routine, our family may be found lounging by the sea, exploring mountainous terrain, or indulging our own inner child at the Happiest Place on Earth.

You can find Una on Twitter at @Una_Reads.


G & U

Gikany and Una will be bringing us several joint reviews. Look for them together as…


Nissan Mama (aka Nima)

Nima claims to be an apprentice fairy godmother.  Until she earns her wings, she spends her time as an indoor cycling instructor, riding her bike around the back roads of northeastern Pennsylvania, and consuming large quantities of chocolate.  She plays the flute, loves to read, and has issues with paper clutter.  She’s in total denial that she has three children masquerading as adults, but as a menopausal woman likes that her last child still at home is a teenager because life is so much more fun when everyone’s hormonal.  Her husband escapes the insanity by taking to the road on his Harley.  Nima encourages this because who doesn’t love a man in leather?
Amazingly, to her anyway, Nima is a published author.  Her emphasis has been non-fiction in periodicals and documentary scripts.  She has worked as a commercial video editor and voice-over artist.  At present she’s attempting to actually finish several fictional manuscripts, but is easily distracted by shoe sales and all the books in her to-be-read pile.
You can find Nima on Twitter at @JulesNissanmama.




VampBard was reborn into her new life with her loving spouse, Mr. VampBard, at her side. She has six children in various states of leaving the nest. It is entirely possible she’s in denial about having married kids, kids in college and medical school, and having her babies in high school.

As a semi-retired teacher, VampBard taught full time for twenty-four years. She’s enjoying pursuing her passions, writing and editing, full time. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling with Mr. VampBard and whatever kids she can hogtie to accompany them. And then, there’s the ever-present Mount TBR to tackle. She still says sleep is highly over-rated on occasion, but definitely appreciates allowing her brain to rest.

Every Vamp has their own fetish, and VampBard is no different. While her reading tastes are diverse, she adores a story she can really sink her teeth into—especially her fangs. She writes diverse genres herself, and will be self-publishing beginning late 2016 under her pen name, Deelylah Mullin.

Edited January 2018: Please note that at this time, Vampbard is not accepting new books for review.

You can catch up with VampBard’s brand of crazy via social media:

Author website : Editing website : TwitterFacebookFacebook Page




Ang is a stay-at-home mother to five amazing and infuriating kids and a lovely daughter-in-law.  Currently residing in one of many sleepy little towns in Ohio, Angela was raised as an Army brat with little stickers on the back of everything she owns to prove it.  A former beauty queen complete with sparkly tiaras and sashes, Ang volunteers with Go Red for Women, Healthy Communities Healthy Youth and all things band and music related as that is where her children spend the majority of her time. Besides proving she cleans-up real nice,  Ang can stretch a dollar like nobody’s business and can create a meal out of nothing, but cannot on her best day make Jell-O or a descent pie crust.  Thankfully she has good friends to fill her gelatin and pastry needs.

She is a voracious reader and writes children’s books to maintain her sanity, otherwise a number of fictional characters take up residence in her brain, talking to her and keeping her awake at night.  It’s a little known fact that she also illustrates. Somewhere along the way she managed to pull a major coup and get published in both the non-fiction and world of poetry. But don’t tell anyone as she is certain it was a mistake, and they will call her out for being the poser she is in due time.

When she isn’t reading, writing, volunteering or trying to keep up with her overachieving, overactive family, Ang is either curled up in a chair passed out from exhaustion or soaking in the largest tub she can find. On the rare occasion when she has energy to spare, she enjoys long walks alone with her ipod, or she’ll take her crazy, unable-to-stay-on-the-marked-paths, adventurous family waterfall hopping with her.  Luckily they only have a couple broken bones to show for all their rule breaking, neither of which are related to the before mentioned wandering. Thankfully she’s married to Superman, who goes by the name Jared when he has his glasses on and who understands her need for both the large tub and the oversized, overstuffed chair.


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