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Review: Darkness at Dawn

Review: Darkness at Dawn Dear Readers: Please help me welcome my friend Vampbard, who brings you today’s review of… Darkness at Dawn Author: Elizabeth Jennings Release Date: July 5, 2011 Publisher: Berkley Sensation ISBN: #978-0425242124 Genre: Military/Suspense Romance Format(s): Paperback (304 pgs), e-book Book Source: Publisher  About the book: A LIFE DESTROYEDNobody knows better than Lucy Merritt what duty can cost. Her CIA operative parents gave their lives for a mission in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nhala, and as a result, Lucy was determined to make a safe and comfortable life for herself, becoming an expert restorer of manuscripts. A LIFE OF SERVICECaptain Mike Shafer, Tenth Mountain Division, US Army, is dedicated to keeping his country safe. Intel from a dead CIA operative in Nhala points to a deadly threat that could wipe out entire populations. When Lucy is called to Nhala to restore the manuscript of an ancient prophesy, it’s his chance to stop the threat cold. He is ready and willing to put himself on the firing line—only not with the beautiful woman who’s been assigned to him. No matter how smart she is, she’s a tempting distraction. A LIFE REBORNNow Mike and Lucy must learn to work together to stop this global threat. Mike thought he understood courage, but when she does the bravest thing he’s ever seen, he vows to carry a badly wounded Lucy across a frozen wasteland to save this magnificent woman—and the world. What Vampbard is talking about: I really enjoyed the settings created by Jennings in Darkness at Dawn. I was amazed that my interest was held by a modern romance novel, as I normally like stuff that is paranormal in nature (because I’m odd, maybe???), but this book definitely held my interest and kept me interested in the plot. There was a LOT of action in this book, and I’m not talking about gettin’ it on, either! Jennings did a fabulous job of crafting a web-like plot that was complex, yet beautifully delicate and straight-forward enough to not be too complicated for someone reading for personal enjoyment. The characters were of sufficient depth – especially the two main and two supporting characters – to give the reader a deeper understanding as to the characters themselves; not just the superficial. The heroine, Lucy, is a strong independent individual that has overcome many obstacles to become the woman she is today. She is able to project the image that she is calm, cool and collected whether...
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ARC Review: In The Air Tonight

ARC Review: In The Air Tonight In The Air Tonight Author: Stephanie Tyler  Release Date: August 2, 2011 Publisher: Dell Books Shadow Force #3 ISBN: #978-0440423034 Genre: Military/Suspense Romance Format(s): Paperback (400 pgs), e-book Book Source: Author (eARC) About the book:       With danger closing in, all they have is each other.       Haunted by a mission he barely survived, Delta Force operative Mace Stevens still carries a soldier’s burden. Running a small bar in upstate New York, he remains a stone cold warrior who guards dangerous secrets and stays ready for anything. Anything except beautiful, vulnerable Paige Grayson, who shows up at his door, demanding answers about her heroic stepbrother’s death under his command.       Paige bears burdens, too. She’s plagued by demons unleashed by an older brother who committed mass murder before her eyes. But here in this snowy haven with Mace, she almost feels safe from the menacing promises of her insane sibling. As a nurse whose hands can read the deepest thoughts of anyone she touches, Paige knows Mace needs her as desperately as she needs him. And when a faceless killer begins unleashing fresh terror, Mace proves just how far he will go to save the woman who means everything to him. What I’m talking about:       In the Air Tonight is the third installment of Ms. Tyler’s Shadow Force series, and it picks up a few months after the conclusion of Promises in the Dark (review HERE). There is enough break between this and the last book that it could certainly be read as a stand alone. The main hero, Mace, and most of his military brothers were minor characters in the last book.  With that said, this book does pick up on the Cael-Vivi romance which began in Promises.       The story opens with a bang as ER nurse Paige is taken hostage. We quickly find out that she’s had a tough life (I was almost in tears by page 13) — her older brother was the perpetrator of a Columbine-type school shooting.  To compound problems, her best friend, stepbrother Gray, was recently killed in the line of duty, and to top it off, Paige is has pschometric hands, able to read thoughts and histories from a touch.       Paige managed to keep her true identity a secret for years, but when news of her capture and release hits the TV, soon everyone discovers her secrets. She...
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Review: Cover Me

Review: Cover Me Cover Me Author: Catherine Mann  Release Date: July 5, 2011 Publisher: Sourcebooks Elite Forces Book #1 ISBN: #978-1402244957 Genre: Military/Suspense Romance Format(s): Paperback (344 pgs), e-book We received a copy of this book from the PUBLISHER for the purposes of an honest review. From the author’s website: It should have been a simple mission… Pararescueman Wade Rocha parachutes from the back of a helicopter into a blizzard to save a climber stranded on an Aleutian Island, but Sunny Foster insists she can take care of herself just fine… But when it comes to passion, nothing is ever simple… With the snowstorm kicking into overdrive, Sunny and Wade hunker down in a cave and barely resist the urge to keep each other warm… until they discover the frozen remains of a horrific crime… Unable to trust the shady local police, Sunny and Wade investigate, while their irresistible passion for each other gets them more and more dangerously entangled… What Gikany & Una are talking about: Cover Me is the debut novel in the new Elite Forces series.  For a first novel in a series, it was pretty good.  The world-building, what little there is in a military/suspense romance, was easily crafted into the story.  The novel begins with our hero, Wade, who is a somewhat stereotypical military persona; dedicated to saving others, tough, stubborn, independent….you get the picture.  Even though he does have a soft heart, it is what drives his need to save others, even against their will.  Enter our heroine, the fiercely private and independent (did I mention stubborn) Sunny.  Now, Gikany and Una both thought, how on earth would the author have these two come together without sacrificing the initial characterization.  She didn’t.  That is what makes Cover Me a fun and adventurous read. First, Una must state, that this may have been her first military/suspense romance novel.  As we have said before, Gikany and Una do not tend to read much contemporary romance (which we consider military/suspense to be a part of).  Most of the military/suspense we read have a paranormal or fantasy twist to them.  So, at least Una was surprised at how much she enjoyed this novel, more so than she expected.  We really enjoyed the fact that Sunny is a capable and independent female who doesn’t need her military man to constantly save her.  She does just fine on her own, thank you.   Gikany and I feel that Sunny was a wonderful...
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Review & Giveaway: Promises in the Dark

Review & Giveaway: Promises in the Dark Promises In The Dark Author:Stephanie Tyler  Release Date: November 23, 2010 Publisher: here Shadow Force Series Book #2 ISBN: #978-0440245971 Genre: Military/Suspense Romance Format(s): paperback (416 pages), e-book I received a copy of this book from the author for the purposes of an honest review. From the author’s website:       On the run, in each other’s arms, with one last chance to survive.       A rugged Navy SEAL, Zane Scott was part of a failed mission to rescue Dr. Olivia Strohm from abduction by the terrorist group Dead Man’s Hand (DMH)—and her anguished screams have haunted him ever since. So when he gets word that the beautiful physician has escaped from her captors in Africa, he’s got personal reasons to storm the continent and save her.       Like her would-be liberator, Olivia carries the burden of a dark secret from her past. Ruthless and relentless, the DMH has threatened to hunt her down – and to systematically hurt anyone she’s close to. The last thing she wants is to be rescued—even by someone as shockingly handsome as Zane. Yet the hot-headed special ops hero has come for her, and together she and Zane just might have a shot at not only stopping DMH’s reign of terror, but also saving what’s left of their souls. What I’m talking about:       Promises in the Dark picks up about 6 months after the end of Lie With Me, with Dr. Olivia Strohm having escaped her evil captors. She’s on the run and hiding in Africa, hoping that she’ll never be found – by anyone. Meanwhile, Zane has spent all of his free time trying to track down and rescue Olivia. He is drawn to her and cannot get her out of his mind – even though he’s never met her.  Once Zane finds Olivia, sparks fly and it’s up to Zane to convince Olivia she’s better off leaving Africa.  Together they make their way to a small missionary medical treatment clinic on their way to safety.  There they meet Doc J (it’s his place), Tristan, and Rowan.       Meanwhile, back in the states, Zane’s brother, Cael is on a mission for the Army to determine if computer genius Vivienne Clare knows that her new nuclear plant security program was stolen by the terrorist group DMH, or even worse – if she sold it to them.  But when Vivi’s life is on the...
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Review: Lie With Me

Review: Lie With Me Lie With Me Author:Stephanie Tyler Release Date: October 26, 2010 Publisher: Dell Books Shadow Force Series Book #1 ISBN: #978-0440245964 Genre: Military/Suspense Romance Format(s): paperback, e-book I received an e-ARC copy of this book from the author for the purposes of an honest review. From the author’s website:       Forced together by fate, bound together by desire.       Framed for a double murder, Delta Force operative Cameron Moore is given a new lease on life by the CIA—provided he pays them back by doing their black ops dirty work. Now Cam is ready to renegotiate their deal, and he thinks he’s found the perfect bargaining chip: Skylar Slavin, bestselling author of espionage thrillers and the daughter of the CIA man who saved him from a prison sentence.       Skylar has been living in anonymity, never suspecting that someone so dangerous—and so desirable—would plunge her into a world as treacherous as one of her spy novels. But how can Cam go through with his plan to kidnap Skylar when just the sight of her sets off an explosive attraction he’s never experienced before? And when Skylar falls prey to an even more perilous threat, this special ops soldier must call upon all his combat skills to protect the one person who can help him win his freedom—and the only woman he’s ever loved. What I’m talking about:       Lie With Me is an exciting adventure that remindeds me of one of my favorite TV shows, Alias.  It is filled with several complex characters, all with unknown criss-crossing histories.  The key players include Cameron and Sky, our primary couple, Dylan – a spy and Cam’s best/only friend, Riley – a fellow “spy for hire” and romantic interest for Dylan,  and Gabriel… a CIA agent that uses Cam to run black op missions, who also happens to be Skylar’s father.       The story opens with an attempt on Cam’s life, one that comes from Gabriel’s men.  Tired of working for Gabe, Cam decides to use Skylar as leverage to break free once and all from Gabe’s long-reaching grasp. But when Cam meets up with Skylar, and finds out her life is in danger from unknown assailants, his mission quickly turns from kidnapper to protector. Cam finds an almost instant connection with Skylar and cannot stop himself from getting involved.       I was somewhat confused in the beginning of the book...
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