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Review: Burning Down the Spouse

Review: Burning Down the Spouse Burning Down the Spouse Author: Dakota Cassidy Release Date: July 5, 2011 Publisher: Berkley Trade Ex-Trophy Wives Series #2 ISBN: #978-0425241080 Genre: Contemporary Romance Format(s): Paperback (356 pgs), e-book Book Source: Publisher About the book: After discovering that her famous chef husband was cheating, Frankie Bennett lost her mind-on live TV. Now Frankie is broke, unemployed, and hiding out in her aunt’s retirement village. That is, until Maxine Henderson-Barker-reformed trophy wife and owner of Trophy Jobs Inc. employment agency-arrives to give Frankie a much needed kick in the pants. Soon, Frankie lands a job as a prep chef at a Greek diner in New Jersey, home to the world’s best meatloaf and an owner who resembles an exquisitely chiseled Greek statue. Falling into bed with Nikos isn’t the best idea, but after years of living in a man’s shadow, this ex- trophy wife is ready to get busy cooking… What G & U are talking about: As Gikany and Una have expressed before, we are not big on contemporary romance, we prefer it have an element of urban fantasy or paranormal within it. That being said, since Una has read the Accidental Friends series by Dakota Cassidy, she thought it might be fun to give this book a try, especially with the catching title and synopsis. This book, however did not quite live up to our expectations. Burning Down the Spouse is the second novel in the Ex-Trophy Wives series. You need not read the first book to jump into the series, and we didn’t realize this was the second book until we were getting this review ready. It is a lighthearted contemporary romance, and would definitely be considered a light and quick read. There is some funny banter and moments; however, we had some issues. Burning Down the Spouse begins with seeing our main character, Frankie, in the middle of her “crazy” after finding out her husband of 18 years is cheating on her. She was forthright and wonderful in her “airing of the grievances.” Sadly, her character turned out to not be the strong, sassy character we were introduced to (and hoping for). She was actually quite timid, battling incredible low self-esteem and plagued by her own pessimism. While her character did seem to fight this through the course of the novel, the battle had a very black-or-white feeling. One thing that Una would like to point out was the weak dialogue. It was something that normally...
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Review: Waking Nightmares

Review: Waking Nightmares Waking Nightmares Author: Christopher Golden  Release Date: March 29, 2011 Publisher: Ace The Shadow Saga #5 (Peter Octavian Novels) ISBN: #978-0441020171 Genre: Urban Fantasy Format(s): paperback (352 pages), e-book I received a copy of this book from the PUBLISHER for the purposes of an honest review. From the author’s website: When chaos erupts in the small coastal town of Hawthorne, Massachusetts, former vampire-turned-mage Peter Octavian and earthwitch Keomany Shaw arrive to investigate.  Years ago, Octavian helped expose the secret existence of vampires to the world, dismantling the Vatican’s sorcery corps in order to save his fellow shadows from destruction.  But without the Vatican sorcerers, the magical barriers they spent centuries constructing to keep the forces of darkness out of our world are beginning to fail, and things are slipping through.  Now an ancient god of chaos is awakening in Hawthorne, its influence spreading…and it’s Octavian’s fault.  If he can’t stop it, the blood of all human kind will be on his hands. What B is talking about: Peter Octavian is a former vampire who has, quite literally, been through Hell and back and is now not only mortal, but the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Believing that he bears responsibility for the dark forces threatening our world, he has become mankind’s champion, determined to do what he can to save humanity. Waking Nightmares, the fifth novel in The Shadow Saga, was a difficult novel for me. Although it was a well-written book, it was more “horror-fantasy” than Urban Fantasy in my opinion. And while I have a serious soft spot for Paranormal Romance, as well as a growing appreciation for Urban Fantasy, I’ve never been able to really enjoy Horror as a genre.  With that in mind, I have to say I didn’t care for Waking Nightmares. It was gory, there is no trace of a happy ending, and there is at least one sex “situation” that I found fairly awful. The novel definitely had me turning pages as fast as I could read them, but I realized at some point that my compulsion to keep reading was born of the hope that the characters were going to catch a break soon, rather than a real anticipation of what Golden might have in store next.  To be fair, if I was a fan of horror novels I’d probably like this book a great deal. The story was truly well-written and would have been a good read, I think....
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