#AADNOLA Recap and Giveaway Part 2

#AADNOLA Recap and Giveaway Part 2 I have to admit, writing a recap of my six days and five nights in New Orleans at the 2012 Authors After Dark con is a bit daunting. I did so much and met so many new people… How could I possible capture all of that in a simple recap?! But I will try my best to give you an idea of the trip. You can also see all of my photos from the trip under the PHOTO TAB HERE.  Also, I came home with SO MANY books and swag – keep reading to find out how you can win some of my loot! This posted ended up being...
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A Visit to Lori Foster’s (not so little) Event

A Visit to Lori Foster’s (not so little) Event Dear readers. NO… Unfortunately I did NOT attend the marvelous gathering that Ms. Lori Foster throws every spring. However, my dear friend, Nima (short for Nissan Mama) did attend the public signing. Being the amazing friend that she is, she wrote up this wonderful post and took some photos so that we could share the experience with you all. Nima claims to be an apprentice fairy godmother. Until she earns her wings, she spends her time as a spinning instructor, riding her bike around the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, and consuming large quantities of chocolate.  She plays the flute, loves to read, and has issues with paper clutter.  She’s...
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