Review: At Star’s End by Anna Hackett

Review: At Star’s End by Anna Hackett At Star’s End Author: Anna Hackett Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: B What I’m Talking About: Dr. Eos Rai is chasing after the mythical “Star’s End,” an unknown location where a human expedition supposedly sent many of Earth’s (Terra) artistic treasures as the humans destroyed the planet hundreds of years earlier. It was her mother’s life’s ambition to find Star’s End, and Eos has picked up the cause, much to the dismay of her colleagues at the Galactic Institute for Historical Preservation. Without much hope, Eos turns to the Phoenix Brothers, a trio of known treasure hunters, for help. The Phoenix Brothers enjoy their carefree life on Khan. They’ve made...
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Review: Reaper’s Touch by Eleri Stone

Review: Reaper’s Touch by Eleri Stone Reaper’s Touch Author: Eleri Stone Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: B+ What I’m Talking About: Abby is a Ranger. The star-marked Rangers have a natural immunity to Reaper bites and can even use the Reaper parasite in conjunction with their own DNA to heal. Reapers are former humans who have been infected with a virus that turns them into zombie-like creatures. But Reapers aren’t the monsters portrayed in horror films of past; they can be clever, they are fast, they don’t rot and are quick healing. It is the Ranger’s job to protect the nearby settlements and keep the Reapers at bay. Abby is a lone female Ranger, and society...
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Review: Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau

Review: Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau Deep Deception Author: Cathy Pegau Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: B- What I’m Talking About: Senior Colonial Mining Authority agent Natalia Hallowell prides herself on her relentless pursuit of justice and her strong work ethic. So when she finds out that she is accused of taking bribes and illegally collecting evidence, she is angry and hurt. In order to deal with her work frustrations, Natalia looks to a few drinks and a one-night stand to ease the pain. That is until she meets Gennie. An immediate attraction sends Natalia to Gennie’s hotel room, only to be knocked out and tied up – but not in a fun way! Gennie is...
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Review: Fighting Kat by PJ Schnyder

Review: Fighting Kat by PJ Schnyder Fighting Kat Author: PJ Schnyder Reviewer: Gikany and Una Rating: A What We’re Talking About: Fighting Kat is the much-anticipated sequel to the first book in The Triton Experiment series, Hunting Kat.  Gikany and Una enjoyed the first book and were eager to see what transpired next for our panther shifter, Kat.  Ms. Schnyder did not disappoint us. The story begins a bit after Hunting Kat ended.  Rygard and Kat have continued their relationship, albeit, a long distance one (light-years of distance that is).  Long distance relationships are always difficult, and Ms. Schnyder does a really lovely job in showing how their relationship progresses, despite the physical separation.  We...
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Review: Caught in Amber by Cathy Pegau

Review: Caught in Amber by Cathy Pegau Caught In Amber Author: Cathy Pegau Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: B+ What I’m Talking About: Reading like an exciting suspense romance, Caught in Amber is a wonderful science fiction tale that follows the story of Sasha James and Nathan Sterling. Sasha is a recovering drug-addict parolee who, five years ago was the girlfriend of Guy Christiansen, a wealthy drug supplier, and she was living the high-life and getting messed up. When she left/he kicked her out, she turned to crime to pay for her addiction to the drug called Amber. Now she lives a simple life under the thumb of the corrections system, staying clean and working hard. Nathan...
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Sunday Snippet – Sing for the Dead

Sunday Snippet – Sing for the Dead  About the Book Sing for the Dead Author:  PJ Schnyder Publisher:   Carina Press Released:  November 4, 2013 REVIEW HERE Snippet “I’d best be heading back to headquarters before Maisie decides to call and see if I’ve eaten the two of you.”  Seth took a step toward Sorcha, hands outstretched. A rumbling growl rose up in the room.  Startled, Sorcha stared at Kayden. “The tabby.  Just retrieving the tabby, or Maisie’ll have my hide.”  As reasonable as Seth’s words were, his voice had dropped deeper as well, the words rougher. Sorcha handed over the purring cat before the two men abandoned civility and settled whatever the remaining issue was with violence.  A part of her...
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Review & Giveaway: Sing for the Dead by PJ Schnyder

Review & Giveaway: Sing for the Dead by PJ Schnyder Sing for the Dead Author: PJ Schnyder Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: B What I’m Talking About: After thoroughly enjoying the first book in the London Undead series, I was excited to pick up the second book, Sing for the Dead. Ms. Schnyder has created an interesting new world plagued by flesh eating zombies. London is a shell of its former self, with individuals quarantined inside and “zombie hunter tourists” enjoying the hunt. Unfortunately, someone or something is creating a newer, faster, smarter zombie, and it’s up to the local werewolf pack to figure out what’s going on. Sing for the Dead, showcases two individuals who are invested in finding...
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Review: Deadly Shadows by Shirley Wells

Review: Deadly Shadows by Shirley Wells Deadly Shadows Author: Shirley Wells Reviewer: Jen Twimom Rating: A-, 4 Stars What I’m Talking About: As I was preparing to write my review for Deadly Shadows, I went back and looked over the previous reviews I’ve written for the Dylan Scott series, and two things came to mind: consistently entertaining and engrossing, and always original. Each book in Ms. Wells’s highly addictive series brings an exciting new tale that is uniquely its own story while carrying on the same characters from book to book. Deadly Shadows is no different in this regard. I found myself unable to put down my Kindle once I started reading. The book opens...
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Sunday Snippet – Bite Me

Sunday Snippet – Bite Me    About the Book Bite Me Author:  P J Schnyder Publisher:   Carina Press Released:  June 24, 2013 REVIEW HERE Snippet “I want a blood sample.” Seth narrowed his eyes. “Why?” “Whatever it is you’re on, I figure it’d be useful to help the newer wolves with their rage control.”  Danny paused.  “Or I could sell it as a recreation drug.  I’d make a fortune.” Seth tossed a towel at the pack medic and stood up from the weight bench where he’d been pressing more weight than any three human body builders could have handled.  “Get on, then.” “Seriously, man, I left you out on a solo patrol cause you had to...
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Review: Stone Kissed by Keri Stevens

Review: Stone Kissed by Keri Stevens Stone Kissed Author: Keri Stevens Reviewer: Twimom227 Rating: B+, 3.5 Stars What I’m Talking About: Delia Forrest, a Steward Witch, is the fastest and best stone conservator in the DC area because of her secret: she can talk to sculptures. However, when her father, Vernon Forrest, is caught in a fire at his house and remains in ICU back home in Stewardsville, NC, Delia decides to move back to help him recover. Antique dealer and art hunter Grant Wolverton has long coveted the Steward House and decides to seize the moment now that his longtime competitor, Vernon, is out of commission. He offers Delia over a million dollars to...
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