Review: Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson

Review: Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson Royal Ruin Author: Jessica Peterson Reviewer: Jen Rating: C+ What I’m Talking About: Ten years ago, Emily was an honor student at big economic school in London. Her TA was none other than a prince – and a big one, as in the Queen’s grandson. Kit is enamored with Emily, but stays away because she’s his student and she has a boyfriend. However, when Emily comes to his office, a mess after finding out her boyfriend back home was cheating on her, he gives in to temptation. Flash forward to present day and Emily has a trendy interior design firm, that is losing money. She’s going on one last...
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Sunday Snippet: Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson

Sunday Snippet: Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson  About the Book Royal Ruin    Author:  Jessica Peterson Publisher:   Self-published (Kindle Unlimited) Released:  January 18, 2018 Series:   Flings with Kings #1 Genre:  Contemporary Romance Author contact links:   Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, Release Day Notification Snippet: Kit  London Emily looked at me. “I can’t imagine what the pressure must be like.” “You get used to it,” I replied. Another rote answer. Another half-lie. “Do you ever get scared you’ll f*ck it up? Not to imply you ever would. But sounds like you walk a thin line.” I met her eyes. All the time, I wanted to say. I was scared out of my mind all the time I’d f*ck up. I...
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