Sunday Snippet – Sins of the Lost

Sunday Snippet – Sins of the Lost  About the Book Sins of the Lost Author:  Linda Poitevin Publisher:   Intermix Released:  October 15, 2013 REVIEW HERE Snippet She found Michael seated by the window in the back of the crowded café.  Sliding into the chair opposite, she shook her head at the waitress’s offer of a menu and asked for coffee.  Michael declined to order anything.  With a huff of displeasure, the harried-looking woman stomped off to serve other, presumably higher-paying clients.  Michael cleared his throat. “You look well.” Alex raised a brow.  Small talk?  From an angel?  She reached past him for the sugar dispenser, taking in the stiff lines of his shoulders, his fists resting on the chipped tabletop....
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Review: Sins of the Lost by Linda Poitevin

Review: Sins of the Lost by Linda Poitevin Sins of the Lost Author: Linda Poitevin Reviewer: Gikany and Una Rating: B+, 3.5 Stars What We’re Talking About: ***Note: this review contains mild spoilers if you have not read the previous novels! This IS a series you MUST read from the beginning! Sins of the Lost is the third installment in the Grigori Legacy.  Gikany and Una are a bit disappointed with it.  It’s nothing we can truly point a finger at but an overall feeling as we came to the end of this novel.  This is partly due to a significant loss of character (why, oh why did this character have to die!?!?!?) but also because someone...
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