Sunday Snippet: Echo by Lorena Glass

Sunday Snippet: Echo by Lorena Glass  About the Book Echo   Author:  Lorena Glass Publisher:   MyInkBooks.com Released:  February 1, 2015 Series:   Echo Trilogy #1 Genre:  Time Travel/Fantasy Historical Romance Author contact links:   Amazon, Goodreads Purchase links:  Amazon, Goodreads Snippet She didn’t remember the moment of her birth. But she did remember—with perfect clarity—the moment of her rebirth.  She remembered every detail, to the finest point, of the moment she was reborn; an impossibility in an impossible world… 1. When the time traveler opened her eyes, she was standing on a beach, staring at the ocean.  The pure, clean smell of the salty air was strong, even though it was raining. She didn’t care. The girl...
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