Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Posted January 29, 2010 by Jen in Tags:


Or as they say here in New England: It’s WICKED COLD out! After 2 weeks of very mild weather – at least 9 degrees above the normal temperatures, winter has returned in full-force. The temperature today was 10* – with a wind chill of WAY BELOW zero. Now I know this isn’t as cold as it is in say North Dakota, but I’m a wimp and it’s too cold. I can’t stand the cold.

AND unfortunately … There is a defect in the heating pipes that warm my bedroom. When the wind is fierce and the temps drop – the pipes freeze and I get no heat in my bedroom. This occurred today. Current temperature inside my room: 54* and DROPPING! I’m not sure when the heat will start working again, but until then – I thank God for my laptop and wireless connection. I can hide out on my couch under a blanket and stay connected. (My computer/desk is in the frozen tundra of my bedroom.)

So tonight, I intend to have a large glass of wine (or few), sit back and read my HOT romance book and hope that tomorrow brings a warmer day. What do you do when it’s really cold outside?

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