Are you LOST yet?

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YES… I am one of those LOST fanatics. I LOVE this show. But I’ve always loved a great science fiction book/show that makes you really THINK. Now, LOST is not some deep, meaningful show, but it does make you think about “stuff,” and I enjoy that.

So here we are at the start of the final season of LOST. I have faithfully watched every episode since the beginning. My neighbor comes over every week, we make popcorn and we watch. I DVR the show so we can go back and re-watch things as needed. Sometimes it’s one of those WTF moments, like when we first saw the smoke monster and we needed to rewind over and over to try and figure out what we saw. Sometimes it’s when a character whispers and we can’t quite hear them. Other times we’ll go back to the beginning of the episode after we watched to whole episode to see if we “missed” anything. It’s more fun to watch the show with someone, so you can talk it out and bounce theories back and forth.

Speaking of theories… At the end of Season 5, I put together my theory of what was going on. There were so many interesting things thrown at us (like a dead Locke!) This is what I thought was going on… and interestingly enough, some of the things I put in my theory are already coming to light!

Jacob and “he who shall not be named” aka “dark man” are tied to the island and they are stuck here on Earth. I think of Jacob and dark man as Ying and Yang – light and dark, positive and negative. Neither is wholly good or bad, but polar opposites. They may be angel/demon or aliens or from the future or visitors from another dimension, but they are NOT from our Earth or our time. They were sent to our Earth/time to complete a task that directly relates to the human race. It may be to help humans reach their next state of evolution (ala Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke) or reach Ascension (ala Stargate SG-1). They could be sent to Earth to teach us to coexist with Mother Nature and/or each other.

Jacob sees the good in the situation and he will continue to try to finish the task. He believes it can be done. Dark man does not believe it can ever be done (recall the Season 5 finale opening scene when dark man says to Jacob “Still trying to prove me wrong,” and comments that [people] always corrupt and kill. Dark man does NOT want to continue in the task and wants to leave Earth. He blames Jacob and his continued attempts as reason for being stuck. He wants to kill Jacob in hopes it will all end, but there are rules that will not allow dark man to kill Jacob.

I then went on to guess that dark man is the smoke monster. (This theory was proven correct in the Season 6 opener.) Or if not the smoke monster, he is directly related to it. Both entities have shown that they can transform into dead people and “absorb” knowledge of the individual. I think that every time a “dead” person has been seen on the island that it is in fact, dark man.
The fact that Jacob travels off island to visit several of the key Oceanic survivors at different, key times of their lives (and made sure to touch each one), tells me that Jacob is omnipotent to some degree. He knew that he would be killed, but he took the time and effort to track down those that would help him in the end. Did his touch help protect them?
Which brings us to the opener of Season 6… My current updated/added theories and thoughts.

    Desmond is still a major player and key to this. He was told he had to go back to the island, but he still hasn’t made it back. I think when we saw him on the airplane he was in the middle of one of his time traveling episodes.

    • The “alternate reality” isn’t “What would have happened if the plane didn’t crash?” But rather “What happens when the bomb goes off and it sinks the island?” Did the bomb explosion tear the fabric of time/space and create another reality? I don’t know, but there are some key differences, like Desmond being on the plane, briefly. Shannon not on the plane. Christian Shepard’s body is not on the plane.
    • The temple is home to all of the others, and Ben’s group (or in the past Widmore’s group), which seems to keep Richard (guyliner dude) close by is only PART of the “others.” The others have been “collected” over time and possibly do not age once they are fully integrated into the collective.
    • I think the dark man/smoke monster MAY have been trapped in Jacob’s cabin, but somehow the ash line was broken and he/it escaped. OR Jacob was hiding in said cabin because dark man got too close.
    • Sayid died and JACOB is reincarnated into Sayid’s body.

    Questions I have:

    • Why two time lines? My friend, Nena, suggested that the alternate time line is real and the exploding bomb did work to “reset” things (but made other changes). She suggested that as the survivors die and leave the island, their souls are rejoined with the alternate timeline (thus prompting Juliette to say “It worked,” as she died.)
    • Where is Desmond, and why is he so critical?
    • Going back to the first season: Who are Adam and Eve (the skeletons found in the cave)? What was with the black and white rocks?
    • Why was Claire warned NOT to let Aaron be raised by anyone other than herself (Season 1)? Is he at all a key in this?
    • Where is Walt? Will he still have a part in this?
    • What changed on the island that caused the women who conceived on the island to die along with their unborn child?
    • Will Ben ever catch a break? Will he end up on the side of good or bad?
    • Will Sun and Jin reunite? (I can’t WAIT for that!!)
    • Will Jack and Sawyer ever get over each other and the ladies and grow up?

    SO tell me what do you think will happen in this final season of LOST? AND what are some of the key questions from any of the seasons you want to see answered? ALSO, for additional fun on LOST, you really need to watch the LOST UNTANGLED clips on Go to

    Hope you enjoyed getting LOST with me!

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    1. I miss this show so much. I stopped watching it and then literally got LOST trying to figure it out. One day I’ll go back and try to go back and pick up where I left off.