Celebrating 4 weeks!

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Yea Me! More fun changes at my little fledgling blog. It’s now 4 weeks old! And to celebrate I’m adding a brand new header and a blog button!!
First the header: designed by my friend, Sagi at Sagi’s Randomness. She worked really hard to create something that I love. Thank you, my friend! It is wonderful!!
Sagi was able to capture my “look” by replicating the colors I chose for my blog and adding some of my favorite daisies to match those on my blog. The swirls of color along the edge feel so lovely and airy to me. I just adore my new header!
Next up, the button: designed by another great Twitter friend, Jules at RexRobotReviews. She picked up on my “tastes” by looking at my blog and just running with it. Once again, it is fabulous!
Jules replicated my flowers and colors, and she made it so I can share it with you all! Please grab my button for your blog! And if you have a button for me to add to my blog, please leave me a comment so I can grab it! (Am I using the correct lingo? I’m still learning here!!)
As for me… I’m still on vacation in Ft. Myers, FL with my kids and folks. We’ve enjoyed some sun (and sunburns!), and I have read 2 books so far. I’m reading a great book that I plan to share with you all as soon as I finish it (hint: it involves a sexy, hot angel).
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my new look. Also let me know if you have a button for me to grab and add to my site. Thanks for your support over the past 4 weeks and a special thanks to Sagi, Jules, and Belinda for all their help over the past 4 weeks. You all rock!

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