Just Checking In

Posted February 23, 2010 by Jen in Tags: , ,

Hello from Fort Myers, Florida!
My kids and I arrived in Ft. Myers this afternoon. We are staying with my parents, who live down here January – March, each winter. The weather is not perfect, but SO MUCH better than it was back home.
I have lots to blog about, but can’t get to it today. BUT I did want to get at least one item taken care of… I received my SECOND (& third, but that’s another day) Blogging Award! This one is from my dear friend and another great supporter, Belinda from Hanging with Bells. THANK YOU my Bellie! She passed on to me the

WHO LOVES YOU, Baby? Award! Thank you SO MUCH! I don’t believe there were any rules with this award, but to pass it on to another great blogger. I’m going to send it on to my friend JoJo at JoJo’s Book Corner. She’s got a hot post on Angel’s right now… Check it out!

Okay my dear friends… I’m off to hang with my mom and then go read on my lovely Kindle!! TTFN!

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  1. I’m happy you enjoyed the award. See that’s my holding your heart and hugging it. lol And you passed it off to a great person, my JoJo!