Love at First Kindle…

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I love my Kindle!

I’ll say it again, I LOVE my Kindle! Even with the big, SCARY mess that Amazon and MacMillan Publishing have gotten themselves into, I still have faith that my Kindle isn’t going to leave me anytime soon.

Background Information:

First about my book buying habits: I love to read book series. I’ll blog on my favorite series another time, but just know that I have at least a dozen paranormal romance series in paperback (I started reading/collecting the books in October 2008). I love to collect the books, referring to earlier books in the series, re-reading my favorites from time-to-time, etc. I am also very obsessive-compulsive about how my book series look… the books all need to be in the same format (hardcover, paperback, electronic).

Now about my venture into ebooks: I have an iPhone and about a year ago, I downloaded the free Kindle application. I was instantly smitten. I loved that I could get a book at anytime – day or night – and just read it from my phone. I loved the fact that the phone has backlighting and I could read in the dark: like in bed while my husband sleeps or on the airplane at night. I immediately started to download New (to me) Book Series like Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld and her Amazon series and free books like Jennifer Stevenson’s The Brass Bed (which then led me to buy more of her books). Again, keeping with my OC tendencies, I would only buy individual books or whole series. Until last April… That’s when J. R. Ward’s Lover Avenged was released in hardcover. HOW DARE SHE MESS UP MY BOOKS! For those not familiar, Ward’s series, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Books 1-6 were all paperback format. The 7th book was released in hard cover. I couldn’t wait 7 or more months to read the book (and I can’t get from my library, which is an entirely different matter to blog about), so I decided to pay the $9.99 and download the book onto my phone. It was wonderful… I took the book with me everywhere and could read anytime. BUT I still preferred my books and series in a more traditional format, for the most part.

This leads me to 2010… I decided that I wanted to give a formal ebook reader a try. After research and consideration, I decided to go with a Kindle. It made the most sense, especially since I already owned several Kindle titles. When I got the Kindle, I still had about a dozen paperbacks that needed to be read, and I felt a bit guilty, but I made my first “official” purchase. (Buying Jill Myles’ Gentlemen Prefer Succubi). OH MY GOD… I was in LOVE! I didn’t think it possible, but I PREFERRED to read on the Kindle – even without the backlighting! In fact, when I tried to go back and read on my phone, I didn’t like it. And when I tried to read a paperback, the book seemed all bulky and unruley! SO, needless to say, my OC book buying tendencies went out the window! I’ve already started preordering and buying my beloved book series on Kindle – even midway through the series!! Now I am desperately trying to finish my paperbacks so I can get back to my Kindle (her name is Kendra)!

I am traveling to Florida to visit my folks later this month and instead of the 4-5 paperbacks that I usually bring, I’m taking my Kindle. Here is my current electronic TO BE READ list (on Kendra and ready to be read):

  • Riding the Storm (ACRO #1), Sydney Croft
  • Azazel, Dawn McClure
  • Kiss Me Deadly, Michele Hauf
  • Mortal Temptations, Allyson James
  • His Majesty’s Dragon, Naomi Novik
  • Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunter #2), Nalini Singh
  • Of Crimson and Collars, Stella and Audra Price
  • She Wolf, Teresa D’Amario

Some of these books are free downloads, some I’ve won in Twitter contests and others I’ve purchased. And Archangel’s Kiss – that is my first “break” in a series. I own the first book in the Guild Hunter series in paperback, but this one is all Kindle.
I am so excited to have my Kindle and watch the library grow. Sure I can’t display them (in piles in my closet) or ogle pretty covers, but I can take my entire library with me almost anywhere. Do you have a ebook reader? Are you OC about your book purchases? What is in your TBR pile? (I’ll do another post about my paperback TBR pile… it’s slowly getting smaller).

5 responses to “Love at First Kindle…

  1. I love my Kindle2 as well. As you know her name is Aeva and she looks sexier since I put her skin on. Here is what she looks like now:

    I am the same way about series. I like to have them the same format as well. So I will continue to buy the paper copies of most of the books I like. I have purchased some books on my Kindle and have downloaded the free ones.

    Right now I am reading Bound to Please by Lilly Fiesty and the 2nd book is in my TBR pile. I currently have about 20 books in my TBR pile including the new releases for First Drop of Crimson and Pleasure of a Dark Prince. Now I might buy First Drop on the kindle. But Pleasure…I will buy the paperback for because I have the previous ones in that format.

  2. I do not have an ereader yet, but hope to get one in the future. I have tons of paperbacks waiting to be read, so it may be awhile. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. I’m le jealous. I’m DYING for a Kindle. DYIIIIIING. BF said he’d buy me one for my birthday but that’s THREE MONTHS AWAY!

    Also? I wish we could trade or borrow Kindle titles the way we can print books. Still, I love my iPhone/PC Kindle for now & CANNOT WAIT for BF to finally get off his ass & buy me one.