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It’s time to admit it… My desktop Compaq PC is over-the-hill. It’s old and slow. And although I’ll still love my husband when he’s old and slow, I am not in love with my PC any longer. Yesterday, when my 3.5-year-old daughter wanted to color a “Littlest Pet Shop” cat printout (from the internet), it took me 20 minutes just to turn the computer on and get it to the “starting point.” It’s time to put the PC in the trash.

SO, now it’s time to spend money… What to buy? We have already decided that we’ll get a laptop to replace the old desktop. In the age of wireless routers and mobile internet, I want to be able to blog, tweet and check Facebook from anywhere in my house! But, there are SO MANY PC choices out there. We went to Best Buy on Saturday night with both kiddos and I spent an hour looking at all the models, hearing about RAM and speed and … UGH! I just want something that will allow me to access the internet without crashing. I want a computer that will be fast enough to watch those annoying video ads on the internet. I want to be able to shut down my computer in less than 30 minutes. I use the internet, I upload my digital photos, I write letters on MS Word and keep spreadsheets on Excel. I use Quicken for our finances and Outlook for my contacts, calendar, to do list and notes. After my eyes glazed over I pointed at a pretty Sony and thought it was going to be IT! Until…

I got on Twitter and talked with my Tweeps. What do you like in a computer/laptop. I did the same on Facebook. I called my dad. You know what I heard over and over? GET A MAC! WHAT? How do I do that? It’s so different. It’s scary and unknown! Can I still use my files? Will my Sony camera like a foreign Mac? Will I get burned if I can’t use the new system? I’m a control freak, and if I can’t control it, the situation stresses me out… And if I buy a Mac, I won’t know how I’ll respond, so I’m out of control. I tried to just blow off the comments and move ahead. Until I heard more and more. So finally I called a very wonderful person in customer sales at Apple. She spent a over 30 minutes on the phone with me, discussing what she knows can and can’t be done with an Apple. What can be done (in comparison to my PC) pretty much EVERYTHING. What can’t be done – nothing! I would have to buy all new software (Quicken and MS Office) – which I just bought a year ago. That stings a bit. But to be worry-free of a virus attack? (We lost all of our photo files from 2005 due to a virus.) I bet my iPhone and iPod would be happy if I switched!

So now I’m at the final sounding board: my brand new blog. (Which I still need to make pretty!) I’m reaching out to all my followers and anyone that happens by my blog. What do you think? Do you have a PC? a Mac? Do you use a desktop or laptop? Did you once own a PC and move everything to a Mac? What should I look into as I decide on a purchase? What problems have you had? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. I have a macbook pro I switched to in July, I will never go back. Yes you will have to rebuy some some software, but i have mostly found that my mac came with everything I really needed and they weren’t trial versions (like most PCs lately). The exception is Quicken/Quickbooks/Money – right now there isn’t a SUPER alternative. I use iBank and have been happy with it, but it is not the same. I did not rebuy open office, instead I use NeoOffice – open source and free!

    I had absolutely no issues moving my files from one computer to another. My absolute must have mac programs (that did NOT come with the laptop):
    Adobe Photoshop (tho there are other alternatives, I just like this one)
    BBEdit (if you edit html/code)
    Calibre (free)
    Echofon (free)
    MacGourmet (and matching iphone app)
    Mobi2Kindle (free)
    NeoOffice (free)
    QuickSilver (free)
    Transmit (for ftping files)
    VLC player (free)
    Adium (free)

    The programs that come with the mac that I use the heck out of:
    iPhoto (best photo organizer of all time)
    Preview (for view pdfs, some images, etc)
    Time Machine (backups)

    I am happy to answer any questions you have!

  2. I’m a pc person (though the ipad does look cool despite of unfortunate name). I’ve stuck with PCs b/c they are relatively cheap and ease of use. I don’t think I can compete with Kindle Vixen’s response for programs that are available but if you have specific pc questions I’m happy to help!