A Week of Weight Loss

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My first week of Twitloss…

Here it is Tuesday afternoon and I’ve already re-writing this post 3 times in my head. The first time was immediately after my weigh-in on Monday.

The next time was last night when I went out to dinner and then today, after I’ve had some time to reflect. I think the fact that I have now mentally written 3 blogs about one week of weight-loss demonstrates what an up-and-down time I’m having with my current weight-loss journey.

I started my weight-loss journey over 13 years ago. It’s funny that my starting weight 13 years ago was roughly 5 pounds over my current goal weight. Hey, I had good metabolism and I was in my 20’s. My goal weight back then is impossible to reach now. I used the Weight Watcher program and was extremely successful. I was able to lose a lot of weight and keep it off. I am a Weight Watcher’s Life-time Member.

For a few years I didn’t need to really try hard at keeping my weight down. But after a couple of kiddos, it wasn’t so easy. I worked with my Weight Watcher leader to alter my goal weight to something more reasonable. And I was happy at that goal weight for over 2 years.
Fast forward to 2009. For some reason, I lost my motivation and will power. My workouts and gym schedule diminished. I ate a lot – portion control is my Achilles’ heal. But something else started to happen… I became an emotional eater. I would eat when I was bored. I would eat when I was stressed. I would eat when I didn’t feel good about myself. And I gained roughly 13 pounds.

What I’m talking about…

I’ve been in and out of Weight Watchers for the past few months. Never really sticking around. As a lifetime member I have to weigh in once per month. I’ve now committed to attending each week and staying for the meetings. My weight-loss week is from Monday – Sunday, which means that I have my weigh-in on Mondays. I kind of like this idea. Start the week off with a clean slate.

Last week I did my first week back on Weight Watcher program. My friends at Twitloss are a big reason for this. Twitloss was the idea of a group of great women on Twitter. Their stories and support have already helped me through the first week. And I did GREAT for my first week back, losing 3.2 pounds! So my post yesterday morning was going to be a big pat on the back for my hard work and making it through the first week.

However, yesterday I was gone the ENTIRE day until 9:00 pm. I had a long day and found that I was at my favorite Mexican restaurant at 6:30 pm and I was SO hungry. Well, I just “let go.” I had chips and salsa and stuff with cheese and sour cream. I had a margarita. I ate 2 brownies (small) for dessert. So my post last night was going to be all about the fact that as soon as I see progress I go out and sabotage myself. I felt like crap last night. And I was too tired to write a post.

Which brings me to today. I was so tired when I got up this morning. I did not want to do anything. But I went to the gym and completed 60 minutes of Body Combat and it kicked my butt. I ate sensibly and feel good about myself. I’m back on t
rack and where I need to be. My twitloss friend, Lynette, has been super helpful and I sure appreciate it! Same with all those ladies participating.
You are amazing! Thanks!

If you are interested in losing weight and are on twitter, use the tag #twitloss. Look for the ladies’ Twitloss Blog. They have great ideas and helpful information. Good luck, and if you need support, just let me know. We are in this together!

7 responses to “A Week of Weight Loss

  1. Keep up the good work and stay positive. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. As someone who has struggled all my life with my weight(I too am a life time WW member), I’m back at the eating heathly and gym routine as summer approaches and short season looms. It certainly never gets any easier!

  2. A lifetime member?! That is so impressive! And, hey, you had the same kind of week we all seemed to have had. LOL. Welcome aboard! 🙂

  3. You have me blushing. LOL. I think what’s great that no matter how different we are, no of us are perfect and we all have issues that we’re struggling with and MISERY LOVES COMPANY. LOL.

    I look forward to struggling through my misery with you!

  4. You’re doing better than you think, babes. You’re able to see where you need help and what your weaknesses are. That’s a good first step. AND you went to the gym today, despite not wanting to! Go, you!!

    We all stumble sometimes. It’s the strong ones who are able to pick themselves up, dust off their butts, and get back on the (weightloss) horse. I’m proud of you, and keep it up!!! =)

    I have a weightloss blog that I need to clean up, since it’s not part of my Mama Kitty persona and I really wanna do the twitloss thing with you (and all the rest of the lovely ladies in Twitter land).

  5. Well I am so proud of you! I need to get on the ball and start working out! Now that the weather is getting better I need to take The Boss Lady and get to walking. I think it’s great that you guys are supporting each other.

  6. Una

    It’s not dieting, it’s life changing. That’s why I have always believe, as life has it’s ups and downs, so does trying to live better. We aren’t perfect but it’s our attempt to stay the course and weather the storms (and celebrate the successes). You’re doing great!