Sunday Snippets #1

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I’m going to try a new feature on my blog call Sunday’s Snippets. The idea is to give you a little look into a book I love or want to read. I hope you enjoy…

Sunday’s Snippets #1

From Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione.

Hell, he didn’t want to deal with any of this. He’d kept himself awake last night wondering why he hadn’t taken her virginity yet, but this morning, another horrifying thought had come to him. Was he dragging this out because he wanted to get to know her? Was he hoping she’d get to know him, learn to love him, and want to show him by making love to him?
He almost laughed out loud. Who the hell would love someone else enough to give up their life for a night of sex?
No one. Which meant he might as well give up. He could stay with her, protect her until she got home, and then he coud go out in a blaze of glory, killing vamps or something.
He’d had worse plans.
So… that was it, then. He was going to die, and Serena was going to live.
He waited for panic to set in, or at least, a change of heart. But nothing happened. If anything, he felt… lighter. Was this what it felt like to do something unselfish?

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