Hear Twimom Roar…

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A little rant from Twimom…

Readers of my blog know a couple of things about me. 1) I bought a Kindle earlier this year and I am in LOVE with it. 2) I am a huge fan of Lora Leigh’s Breed series and am excited for the release, tomorrow. Put those two things together and you can guess that I pre-ordered Lion’s Heat for my Kindle weeks ago!

I received the following email from Amazon yesterday (Sunday):

Hello from Amazon.com,

We’re writing to let you know that we’ve canceled your order for Lion’s Heat because it will not be released by the publisher in Kindle format on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 as previously expected. We don’t yet have a date for when this item will be released for Kindle. We will send you an email notifying you when the Kindle edition becomes available.

The print edition is sometimes not an ideal substitute; nevertheless, we have decided to offer the print edition of this title at an exceptionally low price to partially compensate for this inconvenience.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. 


I was crushed. How could the publisher do this to me? I worry that others will follow suit. What does this mean for me, a newbie Kindle Junkie?

I’ll tell you what it means… A trip to Walmart. I wait for no one or company when it comes to my Breeds!!

10 responses to “Hear Twimom Roar…

  1. I just read your profile – and WOW, you’ve returned to reading books FULL FORCE! I often think that I’ve started watching too much tv at night – I mean, I used to read for hours every single night.

    Btw, I also love my Kindle and wish that I could get more books (selections) for it. I still prefer paperbacks, but I LOVE that I can instantly download novels.

  2. LOL! I do the exact same thing! How on earth can anyone wait (especially when it’s an undefined waiting period) for a book they’re super excited about?? Certainly not me!

    I’m in love with my Kindle too, but sometimes you just gotta grab a print book (just don’t let Paige know I’m cheating on her…)

  3. That sucks Amazon did that but you are lucky your Walmart had it already. I just ordered my copy on friday from the Book Depository, so hopefully I get it by the weekend. Enjoy as I am sure you are going to start it right away!

  4. No release date for Kindle WTH?! Since Leigh’s breed books are sometimes a hit or miss I prefer to buy in ebook format. I’d be pissed, actually I’m pissed for you right now 😉

  5. The funny thing is, that’s exactly what PUBLISHERS want you to do. They don’t want you to buy the Ebook, they want you to buy the print version. I love my kindle and in most cases, wait it out, just to send a message to the publishers. Publishers don’t care WHERE you buy that print book, they just care that you bought it. They get paid the same no matter what.

  6. KC: It was actually cheaper at Walmart than the Kindle version!

    Teresa: I KNOW! For MOST books I will wait for the Kindle, but since there was no release date and I really wanted the book, I didn’t wait. Bad me.

    BookPimp: Started in car while waiting for my dentist appointment!

    Lana: Thanks for stopping by!

    Mama: Great to see you as always!!

  7. lol hahahahaha, I wait for no company when it comes to my breeds, love it!!! it makes me feel better for the wait im enduring because my local shop stuffed up the order and got #2 & #3 instead of #1 & #2, that it is worth it!!! yeay!


    btw do you have a comprehensive list of the order of the books? ive never been able to find one that doesnt split them into species or is missing something 🙂

  8. Wings: Lora Leigh has this excellent page on her website: http://www.loraleigh.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=61

    It lists the books in chronological order. The books were published over the years with different publishers. I started the series with #7: Megan’s Mark. I usually don’t start in the middle of the series, but at the time, I couldn’t find the older books. I will eventually go back and read them. There are times that I would like more background information. But Megan’s Mark was a good starting point, if you can’t locate the older books.

  9. I love The Breeds too! Damn I was going to get it on my Kindle too! Love your site just found you and will put you on my favorite list. I love my kindle its so easy to take all my books on vacation.I all so love Kresley Cole she makes me laugh out loud! Peace to you-Bernie