Sunday Snippets #3

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This is one of my favorite scenes from any book… Mercy and Riley are an amazing pair!

Sunday’s Snippets #3

From Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh.

That was when the door opened. “Riley?”
Of course she’d know he was there–she was a sentinel. And in some part of his soul, he’d counted on that. “Don’t ask me any questions tonight, Mercy.” He didn’t look at her, feeling vulnerable in a way that panicked his wolf.
“All right.” Soft footsteps. “But would you like to come inside?”
Wary of her agreement, but needing… something, he walked in. She took his hand, her golden eyes luminous in the dark. “Come on, wolf.”
Man and wolf both hungered for the simple beauty of her touch. He had no power, no will, to resist. Standing, he crossed the carpet to slide into bed beside her, fully dressed. And when her arms came around him, when her fingers stroked into his hair, he buried his face in the curve of her neck and let the unexpected tenderness heal the wounds of the night.
Sometime before dawn, he slept.

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  1. Una

    It was incredible having a changling/changling pair. I LOVE Mercy and Riley, such passion tempered with such tenderness!