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Long before the half-naked movie stars and book boyfriends of today, I had a crush. In fact, I had a lot of crushes, and thank GOD for Tiger Beat magazine for supplying me with the photos I needed to pin to my bedroom walls. There may have been a few men in my life earlier than 13 years old, but that is when the hormones hit full stride. 7th grade. Oh my, 1983-1984 was a wonderful year. MTV was just catching on and music videos were starting to filter in. I was getting plugged into movies, TV and pop culture. Casey Kasem was the god of Sunday afternoons. And if I could get my parents to drop me off at the movie theater, I was queen.

I have to say, I was not a one-crush kind of girl. Here are some examples of what I was listening to and watching during those years:

Michael Jackson – Thriller
Duran Duran – Rio
Prince – 1999
The Police – Synchronicity

Karate Kid
16 Candles
The Outsiders

I had crushes on them all. I remember someone telling me that Kevin Bacon was like 30 when we saw him in Footloose and I didn’t care. He was SO HOT!! And JAKE from 16 Candles? *swoon*  But even better was shy lil’ Michael Jackson and dirty Prince! And I had SUCH a crush on Duran Duran. I would write “Mrs. John Taylor” on my school notebooks!

But the ULTIMATE crush movie of that time was The Outsiders. I mean… HELLO… Look at the cast:

*Patrick Swayze
*Tom Cruise
*Emilio Estevez
*C. Thomas Howell
*Matt Dillon
*Ralph Macchio

It was the Dream Team of 1983! *SWOON* I was totally in love with C. Thomas Howell. I would pretend I would meet him and hang out. Oh, my crazy 7th grade hormones… Hanging out! it was the cool thing to do then!

As a treat, I thought I would pull out my photo album from that time and share with you this picture I had taken of my bedroom closet. Consider this my FIRST CRUSH:

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Let me know: who was your first crush?


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4 responses to “Crush Groovin’

  1. Hilarious Jen, this is so funny, I wanted to be Mrs. Taylor too, I had such a huge crush on him!!Cool pic of your bedroom closet! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Love the title of your post! Krush Groove was my first peek at the still sexy Blair Underwood. He gets better looking with age.

    My wall totally looked like yours. I loved John Taylor. I loved his hair and his pouty lips and his intense eyes. Ha! I was also a huge Prince fan-girl. Loved him more than I loved MJ. Still do. And I was obsessed with Rob Lowe. I watched every single movie he made in the 80s; whether they were good or bad. He’s still hot as hell.

    Who didn’t want a Jake Ryan for themselves after seeing 16 Candles? I still swoon now whenever I watch it. The ending with them sitting on top of the table with the birthday cake in between them and they finally kiss and the music starts playing. Best. Ending. Ever!

  3. I totally forgot about Jake Ryan! I so loved him in Sixteen Candles. He just seemed like the perfect boyfriend. My crushes started when I was like 10, but I did have an older sister to help the cause. We had magazine pictures up all over our room. I was sure I would get to marry Bo Duke(age didn’t mean much to me either).

    I did love Michael(especially the Thriller years) and Prince. My big singing crush was and still is Jon Bon Jovi. One of my friends met him after his concert a couple of weeks ago and she said he is just as hot now as he was when we were in high school.