WE LOVE GENA WEEK – Day #4 / Sunday Snippets #9

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This week’s Snippets is in honor of WE LOVE GENA WEEK. This is from the upcoming book, to be released on Tuesday May 25, 2010.  There is no giveaway today, however you still have time to go back and enter for the earlier books.  And check back tomorrow at both my and Bell’s blogs for our reviews of The Darkest Passion and another book giveaway.

From The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter.

“Who are you?” His fingers wrapped around one of her fragile wrists-mmm, warm, smooth skin-and anchored it to a bedpost with the tie. He repeated the action with her other wrist.
Not once did she protest. It was as if she’d expected-and already accepted-that she would receive such treatment. “My name is Olivia.”
Olivia. A pretty name. Fitting. Delicate. Actually, the only thing that wasn’t delicate about her was her voice. Layer after layer of… what was that? The only word he could think to describe it was honesty, and so much drifted from her, he was knocked backward. That voice had never told a lie, he would bet. It couldn’t have.
“What are you doing here, Olivia?”
“I’m here… I’m here for you.”
Again, that truth… it was a force that flowed into his ears, through his body, and sent him staggering. There wasn’t room for doubts. Not a single one. He was simply compelled to believe her.
Sabin, keeper of Doubt, would have loved her. Nothing pleased the warrior’s demon more than tearing down another’s confidence.
“Are you Bait?”
Again, he believed her; he had no choice. “Are you here to kill me?” He straightened and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at her, waiting. He knew how fierce he looked, but again, she didn’t react as females usually did: trembling, cowering, crying. She fluttered her long, black lashes at him, seemingly hurt that he’d maligned her character.
“No, of course not.” She paused. “Well, not anymore.”
Not anymore? “So. At one time, you meant to slay me?”
“I was once sent to do so, yes.”
Such honesty… “By whom?”
“At first, I was sent by the One True Deity to merely watch you. I didn’t mean to scare your little friend away. I was only trying to do my job.” Fresh tears filled her eyes, turning those beautiful blue irises into pools of remorse.
No softening. “Who is the One True Deity?”
Pure love lit her expression, momentarily chasing away that sheen of pain. “Deity of you, Deity of me. Far more powerful than your gods, though mostly content to remain in the shadows, and so rarely acknowledged. Father to humans. Father to… angels. Like me.”
Angels. Like me. As the words echoed in his head, Aeron’s eyes widened. No wonder his demon couldn’t sense any wickedness in her. No wonder her gaze felt familiar to him. She was an angel. The angel, actually. The one sent to kill him, by her own admission. Though she didn’t plan to end him “anymore.” Why?

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