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Today I have the honor of bringing to you author Christa Paige.  Christa started her writing career as a critique partner for aspiring authors. Prompted by the crit-group, to attempt writing her own books, she embarked on the fascinating journey of being a novelist. She has a passion for the paranormal genre and decided to create a unique twist on vampire lore. Soon after that, she started her first contemporary series, Kissin’ Cops, based on the sexy detectives from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. A Southern California native, she is happily married to her very own alpha male. Together, they restore classic cars and often go RV-ing. When she isn’t writing, she is a busy mother of two active girls. Her days are spent home-schooling. At night, she continues working on the next installments in both her Blood-Vine and Kissin’ Cops series. Please help me welcome Christa to That’s What I’m Talking About.
Twimom: Christa, welcome and thank you for stopping by.
Christa: Thank you for inviting me.

Twimom: Your current series (The Blood-Vine series) is about blood-suckers yet you don’t call them vampires. Can you give me a little more about your unique take on the vampire genre?  

Christa: When I first began writing the series I knew two things. First, my females would not have vampire traits but would carry the genetic mutation. Second, the males would not be undead, soulless monsters who slept in caskets. I really liked the idea that the females were not as strong as the males because it gave them a vulnerability which makes their mates over-protective! I wanted a plausible reason for the vampirism, so I did an extensive search on longevity in different cultures. Finally, my research paid off and I found one that I felt worked wonderfully. After incorporating the factual information, from the Abkhazian people into the broader mythology of my vampires, I was able to create this new culture which I called the Kan Asma. (Loosely translated in Turkish it means the people of the Blood-Vine.) Since they are dependent on sharing blood to extend their lives and give them super-natural abilities, I think they can be classified as vampires. However, they do not call themselves vampires because they are living and breathing creatures who have basic needs like the human next door. They do, however, believe they are superior to humans. 
Twimom: It’s an interesting concept that works well in your stories. Can you tell me a little more about the mythology of the Kan Asma
Christa: Basically, many centuries ago, the villagers stumbled upon a succulent berry-vine that grew way up in the Caucasus Mountains. Those who ingested it ended up with a severe belly-ache; the weakest of the community didn’t survive the night. All the towns-folk who made it through the illness ended up changed. The vampire traits surfaced within the males and soon, preternatural instincts kicked in. Their appetites were altered and they craved that berry. Unfortunately, their addiction to it made it become extinct. Because they were descendants of Turkish invaders, they kept their social hierarchy with powerful princes and commoners. To this day, they continue to manipulate the next generation of younglings by orchestrating the best genetic matches.  
Abkhazia has its very own mythology that is expansive. Weaving those intriguing tidbits into the Kan Asma culture has been truly enjoyable. I hope readers like the distinctive take as well. The mythos of my vampire community is based on the Nart Epos as well as Circassia folklore. Trees and harvest are very important to them as well as rites and customs. The moon plays a huge role in the rituals as well, which worked perfectly for sun sensitive vampires! 
Twimom: I really appreciate the detail you have put into your mythology–I find it fascinating. Where do you think the series will go next? Are you contracted to write more books? 
Christa: Currently, I am working on the third Blood-Vine novel. This is Traian’s story, Bound By Obsession. The most important thing about this book is that Tray ends up in a huge dilemma. He will have to make a difficult choice: family or his mate. I intend to have this story published through Liquid Silver Books again since, at this time, they have the other two stories, but I am not contracted for the book or on a deadline to turn it in. However, I am hoping to have it completed soon for a late fall release. 
On top of that story, I have been working hard on a stand alone title. It features Sevastian, a cousin to the siblings in the Blood-Vine series.
Twimom: I for one hope to see Bound By Obsession in the fall! For those not familiar with your other works, can you tell us about your books/series? 

Christa: I do have a purely naughty, fun-romp, series called Kissin’ Cops. There are two of them: Irish Kiss and my soon-to-be-released Star Spangled Kiss. They feature sexy narcotic’s detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. I wrote them for the 2010 Holiday series through Liquid Silver Books.

Twimom: Sounds like a lot of fun!  Christa… Look at the time! I have enjoyed chatting with you and I still have more questions. Can we continue the interview tomorrow?
Christa: Sounds like a great idea.
Twimom: Thank you Christa for stopping by. 
Dear Readers: Be sure to come back tomorrow when I continue my interview with author Christa Paige.  ALSO – on Friday I’ll have my review of her latest Blood-Vine book.

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