Author Interview – Christa Paige Part 2

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Today I have the honor of welcoming back author Christa Paige.  We had so much to talk about that Christa returned for a second day of interviews.  Christa started her writing career as a critique partner for aspiring authors. Prompted by the crit-group, to attempt writing her own books, she embarked on the fascinating journey of being a novelist. She has a passion for the paranormal genre and decided to create a unique twist on vampire lore. Soon after that, she started her first contemporary series, Kissin’ Cops, based on the sexy detectives from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. A Southern California native, she is happily married to her very own alpha male. Together, they restore classic cars and often go RV-ing. When she isn’t writing, she is a busy mother of two active girls. Her days are spent home-schooling. At night, she continues working on the next installments in both her Blood-Vine and Kissin’ Cops series. Please help me welcome Christa to That’s What I’m Talking About.

Twimom: Welcome back, Christa. It was lovely to hear about your stories yesterday.  Now for a little bit about yourself… How long have you been writing? 

Christa: The first thing I ever wrote, novel-wise, was when I was twelve years old. It was a sweeping romantic tale about a Civil War widow named Katherine, who thinks her husband lost his life on the battlefield and so, she remarries. Only, she finds out a few years and a couple of babies later, that her first husband had never really died. I began with complicated romantic plots and I don’t think I have changed that much since then. Serious writing-wise, I have been working on original fiction for about four years. 

Twimom: Sounds like a lot to think about at the age of twelve. Outside of writing, how do you spend your time? 
Christa: I’m the mom of two extremely busy pre-teens. I don’t know if I have time for hobbies. When we do find sometime for ourselves, hubby and I restore classic cars. Well, he does all the greasy, sweaty dirty work and I order all the cool interior parts. There is nothing more exciting than hauling butt in a rumbling ’69 Camaro SS! Also, we go RVing often. During the summer, it is all about the lake and, during the winter months, we go to the desert for dirt biking. On top of those, I really enjoy cooking. My youngest has celiac and so I spend a ton of time converting recipes so she can enjoy good food like everyone else. 

In addition, I homeschool my kids and have a little side job: Professor Christa. I teach as an adjunct professor at a university. Most of the classes I do are online courses for teachers. This fall, I might be designing certificate courses in Autism for teachers. It will be for those who’d like to learn about different approaches and strategies in the classroom, geared to the students on the Autism spectrum. Once upon a time, I was a special education teacher with a specialty in Autism, so this is something close to my heart that I know I will enjoy teaching.

Twimom: You are one busy mama! When it comes to books, what is your favorite genre to read? Who are your favorite authors? 
Christa: Regency has always been my favorite genre. I love heroes in Hessians and cravats. There are so many authors in historical romance that I have on auto-buy. Gaelen Foley, Mary Balogh, Barbara Dawson-Smith, Laura Kinsale; all top my favorites list. I do have to add that I absolutely love Pamela Clare’s MacKinnon’s Rangers series as well. She really knows how to write delicious heroes and her historical background is simply amazing. Who knew rangers during the French and Indian war would make such delicious heroes?
Twimom: That is one genre I do not know a lot about, but you make it sound so sexy! What is your favorite book you’ve read in 2010? 

Christa: Surprisingly, Lover Mine from J.R. Ward. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to like that book at all. For some reason, I’ve been having a tough time making it to the end in the books I have been reading lately. The ones I have read, I wanted something more from. However, Lover Mine kept me so engaged and emotionally drained from chapter one. I didn’t want it to end. 

Twimom: *sigh* John Matthew… Anyhow to follow up, what book release are you looking forward to (other than your own!)? 
I can not wait for Connor MacKinnon’s book to come out but, according to Pamela Clare, Defiant won’t be released until 2012. That’s like forever. So, to pick something closer to now, I am looking forward to Gaelen Foley’s My Dangerous Duke.
Twimom: Christa, once again thank you so much for taking the time to tell my readers a little bit about yourself and your writing. It was wonderful chatting with you.
Christa: Thank you, Twimom.
Readers… Be sure to stop back tomorrow when I have a review of Christa’s latest Blood-Vine story: Bound by Rebellion.