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Welcome to Day 3 of my Lara Adrian/Midnight Breed Event and Giveaway. Please say hello to my dear friend and fellow book lover, Una.  She has stopped by to give us her thoughts on the books that comprise the wonderful Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian.  
Una, welcome to my blog, That’s What I’m Talking About… I just want to share with my readers that YOU are the reason I first read Lara’s books. Una sent me her copies of the first five books in the series so that I could catch up. Of course I loved them so much that I had to go out and get my own set!  Thanks for coming by!
Thanks, Jen. I do enjoy Lara’s books and I am happy to share my thoughts with you and your readers.  These are my thoughts as I finished each book. It’s a wonderful series that I recommend to all, and if you haven’t read them, you really need to start with the first book.
BOOK 1: Kissed by Midnight
I picked up this book by recommendation from a book buddy, and I am I so glad I did.  The writing is spectacular.   It’s a new and fresh take on the vampire genre; compelling, balanced with romance and action.   There are dark mysterious men and strong willed women, joined in a battle to keep a secret society remain secret.  I found the characters intriguing and enjoyed the introduction to this new and mysterious world.  Ms. Adrian has captured me and I must read the next installment.

BOOK 2: Kiss of Crimson

I am truly enjoying this vampire mythology story.  The strength of the characters and the ease of the writing make this a great series to be reading.  I enjoy the flow of the plot and the different characters.  
BOOK 3: Midnight Awakening
This is a fabulous continuation of the first two novels.  The intensity and development of the female characters is a wonderful contrast to the unfolding of the male characters.  It is truly a great read!
BOOK 4: Midnight Rising
Rio’s book was fabulous!  A great ride and definitely up to par with the previous three books.  

BOOK 5: Veil of Midnight

A great [new] novel in this series complete with another heroine that can hold her own.  The action was good, the characters continue to develop in interesting ways and the plot continues to thicken in this war.  I am really enjoying where Ms. Adrian is taking us.
BOOK 6: Ashes of Midnight
This was an explosive novel and we are left with an incredible cliff-hanger!  At first I was only halfheartedly interested in Andreas story, but I found myself completely drawn in and spellbound by him.  The story had a good pace and the characters continue to be well written.  I am stunned by where the world is taking us and I love how the war continues to become more and more complicated.

BOOK 7: Shades of Midnight

I really did enjoy this story however I did find the romance between the two characters to be a bit simplified.  But Ms. Adrian did not disappoint me for even though the romance was a little watered down, the growing complexity of the world and the overall conflict increased.  I was also intrigued by her paralleling the inner turmoil of our heroin and hero along with the strengthening connection of a past character.  The story ends with a very interesting cliff hanger with implications that are incredibly intriguing for the next book.  
Thank you, Una for stopping by. It is always a pleasure to discuss with you the males books of the Midnight Breed Series!
Please join me tomorrow as I wrap up the Lara Adrian/Midnight Breed Event and Giveaway…

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  1. Lovely mini reviews!

    I’ve read the first three in this series, but i really need to go back and re-read again. so many books, so little time =P

  2. Una

    I’m so happy to have introduced you to these fabulous males, er, books! I’m still waiting, desperately, for Harvard’s book. Mmmm, he is just so dreamy!