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I just want you all to know that I am a Twilight Series Fan. I don’t hide that fact. I own all the books, I have a T-shirt, I am a member of the Twilight Lexicon forum, and my blogger name is even derived from Twilight.  I went to see Twilight: The Movie on opening day — all by myself. Unfortunately, I have no twi-friends near me and just can’t convince anyone else to go with me.

So when fall came about and it was time for the
New Moon movie, I tried to figure out how I was going to get to the theatre to see it. Back in September, I went back to work and my once free days were filled. Long story short… week after week went by and I never saw the movie. *hangs head in shame*  When the movie came out on DVD, I had planned to watch while I was traveling for work, but the hotel didn’t have Pay-Per-View! 
Last night, while my hubs was out of town and the kiddos were in bed, I FINALLY rented New Moon and watched the movie. I shared the experience with my tweeps as I followed along on Twitter.

What I’m Talking About…
Well, it was an okay movie. The special effects MADE the picture. The wolves were phenomenal! The mad-fast vampire running and even sparkling was better this second time around. The other highlight? A certain young (and at the time underaged) werewolf.  I have to admit that the highlight of the film was Taylor Lautner – and I’m not referring to his abs! (really!) His acting was far better than any of the other lead characters. His intensity allowed me to feel Jacob’s pain when he couldn’t tell Bella what was going on. I saw his hurt when she constantly chose Edward over him. Taylor’s acting created an emotional tension with Bella (and the viewer) that should have existed between Bella and Edward.
The movie started slow and didn’t develop the relationship between Edward and Bella enough. If I hadn’t read the books or seen Twilight: The Movie, I would have had serious questions and doubts about their love. It was a fleeting scene and then he left. How are we to believe that Bella went into an emotional coma for Edward?  I am Team Edward. Never swayed. But if I had to make my decision based on the movie alone, I would be Team Jacob. There was just so much more chemistry between Jacob and Bella.
Another thing that bothered me is how sickly Edward looked. Rob Pattinson is a nice looking man. I’ll admit he can be very hot at times. But he looked downright ill. Once again, Jasper’s hair was hideous and Doc Cullen still has that horrible shade of blond hair.  This family is supposed to the best looking family EVER – but they just aren’t. 
Even with the distractions and slow parts, I enjoyed the October-November-December part of the movie. That was such a powerful part of the book for me and I was glad that part was well done in the movie. The middle 45-60 minutes was exciting and kept my interest. The Volturi were exciting and I look forward to seeing more in the next films. But I was disappointed with the ending. I honestly can’t recall how the book ended, but the movie ending left me flat. I felt they could have done away with the whole Jacob-Bella-Edward conflict and left it for the next movie. Or at least done it differently. 
I know that a movie rarely ever matches the calibre of the great book upon which it’s based. I tried to look at the movie outside of the book, but I think that made the movie weaker. I needed the information I learned from the books to help me get through the movie. If you are a fan of the book series, it still is worth while to see the movie.  However, if you haven’t seen the first movie or read the books (and unless you are a ‘tween), it’s not really worth your time to see New Moon.
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  1. Hi! I’m a HUGE Twilight fan and I so agree with you. The special effects were what made the movie. And as far as the story goes, I also needed my book background to understand the motivation of the main characters. The way Pattison played Edward was like he died and returned from the grave without any energy to speak or move. It felt so unconvincing. I always wonder why those actors (except Taylor) were chosen for the movie, there’s just no chemistry.
    I did see the movie in the theatre and I did buy the DVD as soon as it was released, but it think I wouldn’t care to much for the movie if I wasn’t such Twilight series (books) fan.

  2. So agree with you and coming from a fan–I had my tickets for new moon..but did date night with dh. I mocked new moon in my home.
    So agree with you about all those observations. Team ARO and yes Jacob made the movie. Could do with the drama..but this movie was so much better than Twilight . I heart the books better.

  3. I’ll be the first to admit that I love the movie. Not because it’s a cinematic gem or because the acting was so amazing in it. Nope, I loved the movie because of Jacob and his lovely Abs (which is why Bells & I renamed the movie Jacobs Abs, LOL).

    I agree with you wholeheartedly – Taylor Lautner was The Best part of the entire thing. I can’t get over how much the hair (and costumes, honestly… did you get a look at Alice’s outfit when they went to Italy? Ugh.) SUCKS.

    Carlisle is hot. Jasper is hot. Their hair is most definitely NOT. They even screwed up Alice’s hair. And Jake’s wig pre-phasing? Gross. I Hated that they had him have it half pulled back the whole time. He’s not a girl!!!

    And the hair in the Eclipse previews… It looks like they made Jasper’s hair WORSE! And I know they had to give Bella a wig to cover Kristen’s hideous Runaways mullet, but her gorgeous hair now looks flat and gross. Why can’t they listen to the fans? I’m sure they check out the forums, or have been told by some fans who are more forward than others. IT SUCKS. Go back to the first movie, where it was more tolerable, at least. Don’t make it suck MORE.

    Sorry, I got stuck on the ranting train.

    Great review of the movie! I’m glad you enjoyed the few parts that were actually… enjoyable. LOL. You’re right though – people who haven’t read the books won’t know WTF is going on. So sad.


  4. Ahh, where to begin. Taylor Lautner was the best actor in this movie and I honestly have to say because he really had to work to keep his role. He was told “You gotta change your WHOLE look by the new movie or we’re picking someone older” and this boy walked around with sandwich baggies of hamburger meat (no seriously, he did. You can check out the interveiw he did with Entertainment Weekly) and gained 30lbs of muscle! Holy Cheese and Crackers! Not only physically did he kick it up his acting was much better.

    Kristen Stewart – don’t even get me started. When she ran a little and fell down I was like “oh hell no.” I really was hoping for the time passage part they would do it a la above the influence commercials where she her clothes change and she is walking but her face never changes and she doesn’t talk to anyone and everyone looks away from her. That was the most powerful part of the book for me. They also cut Charlies freaking line where he tells her “I have never seen anyone try so hard Bella, I want you to stop trying. You shouldn’t have to try that hard just to live.” after she tells him she will “try harder” to stop moping around.

    I have no idea WTF they are doing to the hair. I try not to look past the horrid makeup on RPatz face – it was BAD. Like white out face with hooker red lipstick. UGH.

    Finally I love Taylor Lautner but in the previews for Eclpise he is still like 4 inches shorter than Edward. Jake needs to be the over 6ft tall “My moneys on the big Indian” in the school yard showdown. Just sayin.