Sunday Snippets #11

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From Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Xypher jerked her toward Jesse. “Both of you stay back.”
Simone wasn’t about to argue given the size of the creature headed toward them and the fact that his skin appeared to be boiling and smoking. He was dressed in a flowing black cape that obscured everything but those creepy red eyes. He went for Xypher so fast, she could barely see it. The two of them tore into each other.
Xypher flipped the demon, who rolled and shot a blast of fire at him. He deflected the fire, then flung his hand out as if to return it to Smokey the Demon.
It didn’t work.
The demon laughed. “Poor Xypher. Having trouble?”
“At kicking your ass, Kaiaphas? Never.” The cloak vanished. In the darkness, the
demon’s boiling skin articulated into something that looked like leather. His face mutated into that of a gargoyle while the cotton of his clothes turned into sleek black armor that clung close to the muscular contours of his body. Still those eyes glowed like bright embers from a fire. Kaiaphas pulled out a short sword and twirled it around his body before he lunged at Xypher who sidestepped the blade. A silver vambrace appeared on the arm that wasn’t wearing the bracelet. Xypher used it to twist the blade out of the demon’s hand. But before he could capture it, Kaiaphas caught it in his left hand and stabbed at him again.
Spinning around, Xypher shoved the demon.
Kaiaphas staggered, then caught himself.
Kaiaphas laughed. “You’ve improved.”
“Yeah, little boys grow up eventually.” Xypher kicked at him, but Kaiaphas caught his leg and snatched it up.
Xypher turned a midair somersault to land on his feet. He ran at the demon and caught him about the waist. They fell back, still fighting. Simone wanted to run, but remembered that so long as she wore the bracelet she couldn’t go far without killing them both. “Find a weapon,” she whispered loudly to Jesse as she started looking around for a tree limb or something she could use to help Xypher beat back the demon.

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  1. I was just re-reading this one for the Reads Kenyon video where they wanted to have readers reading their favorite quotes…mine has always been, “Move forward, not in love or anger, but with purpose.”
    The motto as it were for Xypher and Simone’s dad
    Move forward with purpose….