Sunday Snippets #12

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From Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh.

She made an annoyed sound and sat up on her knees. “Why are you talking?”
He folded his arms behind his head, delighted by the sight of her lush breasts displayed so beautifully for him.  He liked this dream. Even the panther was pleased. “Don’t you want me to?” He made it a temptation.
“Well…” She frowned. “The whole point is to taste you… I guess you’d never be silent in bed.” 
“You’re right.” He watched her watch him. Her eyes held such pure heat that he felt branded. The alpha in him wanted to reach out and tangle his fingers in the shadowed triangle of curls exposed by her kneeling position, but he was wary of shattering this strange dream.
“Can I?” She ran her fingers along the markings on his face, her lower lip caught between her teeth. “Do you feel my touch?”
He wanted to bite down on that sexy mouth she was teasing him with. “Every stroke.” The markings were highly sensitive and he was very, very choosy about who he let touch them.
“I’ve been wanting to stroke them since we first met.” With a sigh, she leaned down to place a row of kisses along the jagged lines. The deep rumble of his purr seemed to startle her but it wasn’t a bad kind of startlement–he felt her nipples harden against his chest. After exploring his face to her satisfaction, she sat back up, raking her nails gently down his chest.
“Harder, kitten. I won’t break.”

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  1. Una

    This is the book that hooked me into being a Nalini fan. I still get chills from reading this! Thanks for the snippet!