Sunday Snippets #14

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From Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast.
He couldn’t taste her on his tongue anymore and he missed her flavor, so hot and sweet. It was easily addictive. His fingers curled as he fought the desire to stroke that small, pouting bud, and he wondered how hot and bothered he could make her in her sleep. She was gorgeous all of the time, but when she was aroused… then she became irresistible. Would she wake up moaning for him, spreading her thighs so he could sink his cock deep into her heat?
Placing his hand to the inside of her knee, he slowly moved upward. As he suspected, she opened like a flower for the sun. Unable to resist, he dragged his fingers over her heated sex, exploring her damp softness.
Before he did something he would regret–like wake her from the deep healing sleep she needed so badly–he rolled away from her, stood, and rubbed his hand over his face. Gazing back at her, he wrapped his hand around his aching cock and stroked from base to tip. He tipped his head back on a groan of frustration. She would be his in every sense of the word. He just needed to be patient. Aislinn didn’t know it yet, but he planned to act out with her every one of the erotic acts that crowded his mind.

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  1. Holy Moly! I love Gabriel. Loved this book mucho! When he first appeared on page 1 or 2, I was completely pulled into Wicked Enchantment. I need to do a re-read.