Quickie Review – Bound by Deception

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Quickie Review:
Bound by Deception
Author: Christa Paige
Release Date: available now
Publisher: Ebook by Liquid Silver Books
Blood-Vine Series Book #1
ISBN: #978-1-59578-600-5
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Novella length
NOTE: This book was given to me by the author after I told her how much I enjoyed her second Blood-Vine story, Bound by Rebellion (review HERE). 

In order to find a compatible mate, Anna undergoes the ancient blood-rite of her people. She is shocked to learn that her brother has interfered with the process and can’t be sure that Dimitri is her true mate. However, soon Anna realizes that her desire for Dimitri is unstoppable and the two come together in an explosion of passion. Waiting in the wings is a dangerous male who feels that Anna is his to claim. Will Dimitri be able to complete the bonding and protect his beloved Anna in time?
It’s always a bit tough going backwards and read an earlier story in a book series, but not in this case.  In Bound by Rebellion, main characters Luke and Kat discuss Anna (Luke’s sister) and Dimitri and the situation that surrounds their story.  Reading Bound by Deception filled in several details and completed the background picture for me.
Anna and Dimitri’s story is sexy, quick-paced and exciting. Although not as well-developed as the second Blood-Vine book, it provides greater detail on the origins of the Kan Asma people and the blood-rite mating process, which proved very interesting. Anna and Dimitri are sizzling and their story is a good one. I recommend this short-length book and suggest you read it before reading Bound by Rebellion, but as I discovered, it isn’t necessary.
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