Sunday Snippets #15

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From Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian.
“You say you don’t play games, but you’re a master at it, Tegan. In fact, I think you’ve been playing at them for so long you can’t remember how to be real anymore.”
He was hardly aware of this own movements as he whirled back on her with a furious roar. Distance closed in fractional seconds — a blink of time between the moment he’d been turned away from Elise and the next, when he was bearing down on her like a train in motion, pushing her with both the force of his will and his body until they both slammed up against the closed door.
He pinned her there, between the hard, unyielding length of him and the thick plank of oak at her back.
“Is this real enough for you, sweetheart?”
He hissed the words at her, his lips curled back from his fangs. Desire had him livid, fully transformed into the savage side of his nature. With a growl, he bent his head and took her mouth in a hot, demanding kiss.

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