Sunday Snippets #17

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From Eve of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez.
After undressing, I stepped into the lavish enclosure and moaned at the wonderful sensation of the scalding hot water pouring over my body. I took my time washing away the remnants of the morning’s workout and enjoyed the feeling of three showerheads rinsing me simultaneously.
A girl could get used to this!
As I rinsed the last remnants of shampoo from my hair, a familiar tingling sensation peppered my skin, stealing my breath away with its intensity. And my kitty…yeah, it went up in flames. Quinn. Normally, my first instinct would have been to freak out and cover up if I knew someone was watching me in the shower. However, knowing it was Quinn brought on an entirely different response. My breath caught, and a wonderful, erotic chill shot up my spine. A deep aching need sent a rush of moisture pooling between my thighs, hardening my nipples, setting my skin ablaze. My body reacted to his presence before my mind even registered he was there. It was clear my flesh needed him as much as the rest of me.
I turned to see Quinn standing in the doorway. His eyes were dark and hungry as he took in the sight of me naked and wet. His chest moved up and down, each heady breath heavier than the last. His expression was one of extreme hunger and I wanted nothing more than for him to come at me hard and ravish every inch of me with his hands, his mouth.
Flashes of my shower fantasy raced through my mind. I longed for him to cast away his decision to refrain from touching me and climb into the shower, bringing my daydream to life.
I stepped forward, placing one hand on the foggy glass. It was an invitation. Come to me, it said. I need you. I want you. My body cried out, dying for his touch. My mind screamed the words I couldn’t say out loud. I’m desperate for you. I want you in me. Touch. Take. Fill. I’m yours, eternally.
Quinn strode forward, his sapphire eyes locked with mine, until he stood just before me. He placed his hand over mine, nothing but a thin pane of glass between us. Silence and longing filled the room. The intensity of it threatened to shatter not only the glass, but also me along with it.
The raw look of desire in his eyes was nearly my undoing. “In all my life,” he said, “never, have I seen anything more beautiful. There are no words, a ghrá. You take my very breath away.” He leaned forward with a pained look on his face, closed his eyes and placed his forehead against the glass. A loud groan came from deep within his throat and he hit his head against the glass several times. “You’re killing me,” he moaned.

Hot – right? Please come back tomorrow when I interview Eve of Samhain author, Lisa Sanchez.

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2 responses to “Sunday Snippets #17

  1. That’s my favorite scene in the book. It gave me chills when I wrote it, and it still does when I picture them in my head. Thanks for including it on your blog!

  2. Lisa: It is such a power and amazing scene. It reflects the mutual desire and longing so beautifully. I enjoy reading that part again and again!