Sunday Snippets #18

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From Tempting the Fire by Sydney Croft

Book release: Tuesday July 27, 2010, so in addition this Snippet is also a

“You can join me, in the name of water conservation,” he called back, imagined her slick, soapy body rubbing his. He’d bet anything she was wild in bed; she was the type–all buttoned-up and serious on the outside, but once she got turned on… she’d probably rake her nails down his back when she came.
Oh. F*cking. Yeah.
He stroked himself harder, the build-up nearly too much, and he forced himself not to bite down on his own arm. She’d probably bite. And scratch. She’d lock those long legs around his waist and tease him by rocking her slick sex, her swollen clit, along the length of his shaft, working her honey all the way to his balls.
Which were drawing up, boiling with come. He imagined her palm cupping them, rolling them between her long fingers as she arched up, finally taking him deep. They’d both shout at the joining, and she might even reach her first orgasm when his cock raked a sensitive place inside.
“Do you think you’ll be ready soon?” she persisted.
“Yeah,” he panted. “Really ready.”
God, she’d be hot and tight – his hips rocked a little as he thrust into his fist.
“Because then we need to discuss the fact that you’re keeping me prisoner…”
Sela in handcuffs in the shower naked with him. “Yeah. Prisoner.” At his mercy, spread-eagle and calling his name…
“Logan, do you hear me?”
“Because that’s against the law.”
“Oh, yeah. Against.” Pressed against, her nipples rubbing his chest, her core contracting around him, and f*ck, he was at the edge and he was going over fast.
“Why are you suddenly being so agreeable?” Her voice had turned suspicious and he was seeing the white light behind his eyes. He pumped his hand faster, long strokes from base to tip, adding a twisting motion at the head that made the white light turn blinding.
“Because…it feels…so damned good,” he ground out. Sensation sizzled like a lit fuse down his spine to groin, where the pressure that had been building combusted. His balls tightened and his dick pulsed in his hand and he came, hard and fast, shooting on the floor while the water ran down his back like a soft caress.
There was dead silence on her end, and then, “I hope you enjoyed yourself in there, as that’s the closest you’re ever getting to being with me.”
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