Life gets busy…

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So I just assumed that once summer got here, I’d finally have some free time to relax and read. Boy, was I ever wrong! I am busier now that when I was working and kids were in school.  But it’s all good. I get some time to read and write reviews here and there. I had the pleasure (and frustration) of redesigning my blog all by myself!  I do worry that my poor bloggy will start to fall apart since I’m not writing daily posts, but I know it will bounce back in time.

This past week has been a very hectic one. Boy has camp and karate. Both kids have swim lessons. My mom is visiting from out of town. Hubs is gone for a week. Mom and I are re-doing the kids’ playroom (pictures and post sometime in the future!). Plus Girl has VERY MINOR surgery tomorrow and a VERY MINOR procedure next week.  I say VERY MINOR because they are, but as all parents know, anytime your kid has to be put under with anesthesia, it’s a bit stressful.

So please forgive my absence and neglect. I hope you, my readers, will stick around. I have some GREAT things planned in the near future…

Next week… Author Interview and GIVEAWAY with Liz Fichera and a review of her debut historical romance, Captive Spirit.

Also coming in the next month: ARC review of Larissa Ione’s 5th (and final) Demonica Series book, Sin Undone. AND ARC review of Anya Bast’s 2nd Dark Magick Series book, Cruel Enchantment.  I’ll also have reviews of Eve Silver’s Otherkin trilogy.

AND only 8 more followers until I reach 300! As promised in my 200 Follower Giveaway wrap-up… I will be giving away a $10 gift card for an online bookstore when I reach 300 followers!

So tell me… what has kept you busy this summer? Is this summer turning out as you planned?  Also, is there something special you want to see on That’s What I’m Talking About? Just leave me a comment or drop me an email.

Thanks all!

11 responses to “Life gets busy…

  1. I know what you mean about being busy. I have been neglecting my blog as well due to the kids being home for the summer. We’ll get back on track soon buddy. 😀

  2. Good lord, you have been busy! Your girl will do great in surgery tomorrow. Monkey went through it twice & she’s like “Yeah, whatever” when it comes to having to go see guys in scrubs now (is she my kid or what?).

    Glad you’re having fun with the family, even though you’re busy busy. Hopefully things will calm down soon and you can curl up with a good book!


  3. man, I hope I can get my blog to look like yours one day 🙂 it’s brilliant… I know exactly how you feel on the reading front there is no time to breath and then i feel guilty due to being online while i could be ready lol catch 22 i guess.

    thanks for joining my blog hopefully i can get it all like yours combining music and such…

    hope your little one gets better real quick *hugs*


  4. Bells and Mama: Thanks for hanging with me. You, like me, know the struggles of balancing life, family and blogging. Thanks!

    Cat: You also know these struggles and you are just starting blogging. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!

  5. Hope all the procedures go ok!!! You are one busy mom! I’ll be looking forward to your Sin Undone review, I love that series.

  6. I thought I was already following you :clicks follow: ! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about Sin Undone I have wanted to talk to people about it so bad.

  7. I had no idea your girl was going through procedures! ((hugs)) I’m glad your mom is in town. You sure have a busy summer, but one would never know it through your busy blog! Congrats on being soooo close to 300! -Westie

  8. Una

    Hope all goes well for your daughter! I must say, I LOVE the Sunday snippets! Don’t worry about an occasional missed day, I don’t expect a post everyday from you. It takes time to read and put this stuff together. I’m impressed by how much you do already! And I’m loving all the new authors you are introducing us to!