Project Playroom: A Success in Redesign

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I do not watch HGTV. I do not possess hidden design talents. BUT… my mom does! So when I realized that my kids have outgrown the pale yellows and blues and the Winnie-the-Pooh design of their playroom, I turned to Mom for help.  She spent a week with us and helped me update the playroom.
Here is what it looked like at the start of the week:
This was originally my first child’s nursery. He’s now almost 7. It has been the playroom for the past 4.5 years and was filled with toys that the kids have out-grown.  I wanted to add large desks so each kid could have his/her own space to play/color now, but could eventually use for homework, etc. I wanted bright colors, but be able to stand up over the course of 10 years and not get “too kiddie.”
We settled on a lovely aqua (think Little Mermaid) and chocolate brown. Here we are painting the walls. (The true colors do not come across in these photos, but you get the idea).

Originally we were going to do two walls in each color, but when Mom got distracted and started on the third wall in aqua, we went with it. She used her HGTV expertise and came up with the contrast line on the aqua walls.
But we still needed something to liven up the walls. I found these surfboard and sand pail wall decals that went on with water and come off just as easily. (Note: we live 1/2 mile from the ocean, so beach theme is appropriate.)
Next we got these GREAT desks from IKEA (who doesn’t love that place?!) The desk space is massive and deep, so plenty of space to build LEGO towers and set them aside when it’s time to work on something else. Plus – look at all the storage space. Each kid now has a place for his/her stuff. AND – bonus play space UNDER the desks. Oh, they LOVE this space. We installed little touch lights under the desks.
We then used a special, iron-based “magnetic” base paint and created these “magnet boards” in the contrast color above each desk. They aren’t super strong, but will hold the latest masterpiece! 
Finally, we updated the light fixture (the old one was from the 1960s).

And here it is… the final product with all of the “stuff” back in its place:
Boy’s Desk
Girl playing under her desk (magnetic board not complete)
Girl’s desk & existing bookshelves
The “brown” wall with existing kitchen set
My mom is the BEST and I am so grateful she was able to come help with this project. She also made dinners, did laundry and watched the kids while here. I love my mom and am thankful for her visit.

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6 responses to “Project Playroom: A Success in Redesign

  1. Y’all did an awesome job with the playroom. Your kids can totally grow with the set up and colors you picked. Three cheers for mom for her painting help and help around the house.