Review: Sins of the Soul

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Sins of the Soul
Author: Eve Silver
Release Date: August 31, 2010
Publisher: Harlequin
Otherkin Series Book #2
ISBN: #978-0-373-77483-8
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
I received an ebook (galley) from NetGalley for review.
From the Goodreads:

Alastor Krayl’s world shattered when he learned that his father was the Underworld god of chaos and evil. All that saved him from self-destruction were his newfound brothers and the bond they shared as soul reapers. So when one of his brothers is murdered, vengeance becomes Alastor’s obsession. And the enigmatic Naphré Kurata, a witness—or is she the killer?—has the answers he seeks. 

A reluctant Underworld enforcer, Naphré trusts no one, especially not a seductive soul reaper who makes her burn with lust. Torn between duty and desire, she fights to keep her secrets safe from Alastor, even as she longs to surrender.
What I’m talking about:
This is the second book in Ms. Silver’s Otherkin Trilogy and it picks up immediately where Book #1, Sins of the Heart, finishes. This book centers on Alastor Krayl, the second son of Underworld Egyptian god, Sutekh. The story focuses on Alastor’s committed drive to discover who murdered his youngest brother, in hopes of reanimating his lost soul. This mystery started in Book #1 and does not finish here.
Alastor meets Naphre quite by accident, but is immediately drawn to her. He survives in the harsh Underworld by letting out no emotions, so when Naphre stirs up feelings within him, he’s not sure how to react.  As he follows the clues to discover the truth about his brother, he learns that Naphre is more involved that he could imagine. This feeds his obsession for Naphre and he cannot figure out why he is so attracted to her. But as he grows closer to her, he keeps deep (and important) secrets from her – which in the end could destroy any chance of a relationship.
Most of the story is spent on Alastor and Naphre and their mutual desires. We learn very little about the overall “whodunit” storyline, which frustrated me at times. The story is filled with wonderful details and descriptions. I enjoyed following their love story, which is touching (although at times I wanted to strangle Alastor for keeping so many secrets!) The mythology and players are fascinating. But I felt that there was too much time spent on all of the descriptive details and not enough on the action. I want to know what’s going on!! Of course, that is what the third book is for, but I felt a bit disappointed that we didn’t learn more about the evil players and what their ultimate goals are.
I recommend reading the first book in the series prior to this one. Although they are two different books, they are of one tale. I look forward to reading the final chapter of this story with the upcoming release of Sins of the Flesh (Sept. 28, 2010). I have high expectations for a wild conclusion.
My Rating: 
Liked it a lot – recommend

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