Sunday Snippets #19

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From Siren’s Call by Devyn Quinn

Book release: Tuesday August 3, 2010, so in addition this Snippet is also a

Kenneth was close to drifting off when the sound of something paddling at the water’s edge jarred him back awake. Eyes snapping open, he started toward the direction he believed the sound had come from. Moonlight glistened, reflecting off the silvery waters of the bay. Something flapped again, louder and more insistent. He thought he heard a woman’s voice, cursing. Curious as to the cause of the disturbance, he hurried in the direction of the sounds. The western edge of the island faced the mainland, which became less and less clear as a thick fog began to roll in off the sea. Little more than a jagged shoal, the craggy ground was unstable and dangerous. One wrong step could twist an ankle.
He arrived at the edge just in time to see a woman’s head and shoulders break through the surface of the water. Her hand lifted. She tossed some dripping piece of clothing up onto a flat rock overhanging the water. Reaching up to catch the edge, she hefted her body up. Moving with the grace of one accustomed to the life beside the bay, she plopped herself onto the rock. A mass of wet curls streamed down her back. She wore not a single stitch.
Kenneth started to back away. I’m intruding. Feet defying his mental command, he didn’t move. Except for Tessa’s silent form, the water was deserted. Unaware of his presence, she sat brooding, staring off into the distance.
Kenneth eased a little closer, admiring the view. His gaze dipped, briefly taking in the delicate curves of her body. Eyes reaching the level of her waist, the fine hairs at the nape of his neck rose. It only took seconds to realize something about her appearance wasn’t normal. Her slender limbs had changed shape.
Kenneth stood for a moment in dumb surprise. His heart skipped a beat even as his breath stalled in his lungs. Rubbing his bleary eyes in disbelief, he stared, dumbfounded. Guts twisting, the bottom dropped out of his stomach.
His gaze darted back and forth over Tessa’s elongated form, taking in every inch. From the top of her head to . . .
He gulped. The tip of her . . . tail?
Kenneth felt his knees wobble as reality began to slip from his grasp. His stomach lurched. Without even knowing it, he’d stepped through some kind of strange prism, entering a world where beautiful women had the torso of an aquatic creature instead of legs. Looking down at the woman, he felt himself begin to shake.
“Oh my God. Tessa . . . ?”
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