Sunday Snippets #22

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From Sin Undone by Larissa Ione

Book release: Tuesday August 24, 2010, so in addition this Snippet is also a

“Foreplay is overrated.” The gash in her arm screamed with pain as she shed her pants and hopped up on the stretcher. She left her thigh and ankle holsters in place, though, because her weapons weren’t going anywhere.
“Then you’re not doing it right.” Con snapped on some surgical gloves, somehow making the sound and the action erotic. “You’ve had shitty lovers.”
“You were one of my lovers,” she pointed out, but he didn’t take the bait.
“Once. And there is something to be said for a hard, fast f*ck.” His voice became a mesmerizing purr. “But there’s nothing like taking the time to slowly peel off every article of clothing, to kiss every inch of your lover’s skin as you do it. To lick all the sensitive places until they quiver. To explore all the textures of your partner’s body with your fingers, your mouth.” His fangs flashed as he added, “Your teeth.”
Hunger gripped her so fiercely she had to struggle to breathe. Yet somehow, she managed to speak calmly, as if Con’s graphic words hadn’t affected her. “The end result is the same. An orgasm. So why waste all that time? In the hour is takes you to lick someone from head to toe” — God, seriously? Want. — “I could have had half a dozen orgasms.” Assuming she was with some fictional male who could come that many times, too — or a Seminus demon, whose ejaculate left females climaxing over and over, even if he left the room.
“Trust me,” he murmured, “the wait is worth it. You’ll get all those, but they’ll be better. Hotter. A-f*cking-mazing.”

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4 responses to “Sunday Snippets #22

  1. I love Con. I want to skidoo into this book to be with him. Gosh he’s so hot! Can’t you just tell that I love Con. And, I love him with Sin. They are the perfect for each other. I’ll be reading this again today.