Review: "A Tangled Web" – Harvest Moon

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“A Tangled Web” from the Harvest Moon anthology
Release Date: September 28, 2010
Publisher: Luna (Harlequin)
Five Hundred Kingdoms series
ISBN: #978-0373803224
Genre: Fantasy
Format(s): paperback, e-book
I received an electronic galley copy of this book from the Net Galley for the purposes of an honest review.

NOTE: I only read the first novella in this anthology. After reading the first (review below) and starting the second, I found the stories complex and difficult to follow. Due to time constraints, I did not finish the book. I am not classifying this book as a DNF because I did complete the first story and have a review.  If I find time to read the other stories, I will finish the review for the entire book (they do seem interesting!)
From the author’s website:

Kidnapping Persephone should have been an easy task. But in the Five Hundred Kingdoms, nothing’s ever simple and the wrong blonde goddess is stolen by mistake, leaving Prince Leopold without his new bride. At least until he braves the realm of the dead to get her back…
What I’m talking about:
This is an interesting and fun re-telling of the famous Persephone and Hades tale from Greek Mythology.  In this story, Persephone and Hades are in love and try to find a way to be together. Hades sends Thanatos, the god of Death, to “kidnap” Persephone and bring her to the underworld-reasoning that her mother, Demeter, could not take her away if “death” claimed her. Well, unfortunately, Thanatos claims the wrong goddess which causes plenty of grief for everyone.
While the story was simple, cleaver and cute, it was tough to follow. I know a little Greek mythology and no Norse mythology – both of which are prominent in this story.  Names are tossed around and situations inferred as if I should have an understanding of it all.  I felt completely lost at times, especially at the beginning.  
Although I never fully overcame some of the confusion, I still enjoyed the tale.  Ms. Lackey’s portrayal of the Greek gods is entertaining and refreshing… They are still self-involved, but more simple and oafish than their usual vindictive depictions. The Norse goddess Brunnhilde and her husband Prince Leopold are a welcome addition to the tale. They are logic and order to the chaos of Olympus when Persephone (and Brunnhilde) are taken to the underworld. 
This is an enjoyable story.
My Rating: 
Liked it, there were a few issues – recommend (B)

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