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Lie With Me
Release Date: October 26, 2010
Publisher: Dell Books
Shadow Force Series Book #1
ISBN: #978-0440245964
Genre: Military/Suspense Romance
Format(s): paperback, e-book
I received an e-ARC copy of this book from the author for the purposes of an honest review.

From the author’s website:

      Forced together by fate, bound together by desire.
      Framed for a double murder, Delta Force operative Cameron Moore is given a new lease on life by the CIA—provided he pays them back by doing their black ops dirty work. Now Cam is ready to renegotiate their deal, and he thinks he’s found the perfect bargaining chip: Skylar Slavin, bestselling author of espionage thrillers and the daughter of the CIA man who saved him from a prison sentence.
      Skylar has been living in anonymity, never suspecting that someone so dangerous—and so desirable—would plunge her into a world as treacherous as one of her spy novels. But how can Cam go through with his plan to kidnap Skylar when just the sight of her sets off an explosive attraction he’s never experienced before? And when Skylar falls prey to an even more perilous threat, this special ops soldier must call upon all his combat skills to protect the one person who can help him win his freedom—and the only woman he’s ever loved.

What I’m talking about:

      Lie With Me is an exciting adventure that remindeds me of one of my favorite TV shows, Alias.  It is filled with several complex characters, all with unknown criss-crossing histories.  The key players include Cameron and Sky, our primary couple, Dylan – a spy and Cam’s best/only friend, Riley – a fellow “spy for hire” and romantic interest for Dylan,  and Gabriel… a CIA agent that uses Cam to run black op missions, who also happens to be Skylar’s father.
      The story opens with an attempt on Cam’s life, one that comes from Gabriel’s men.  Tired of working for Gabe, Cam decides to use Skylar as leverage to break free once and all from Gabe’s long-reaching grasp. But when Cam meets up with Skylar, and finds out her life is in danger from unknown assailants, his mission quickly turns from kidnapper to protector. Cam finds an almost instant connection with Skylar and cannot stop himself from getting involved.
      I was somewhat confused in the beginning of the book because of the numerous (and necessary) flashbacks and quick changing scenes. But as I read and learned more, I began to understand and appreciate it all.  Since this is the beginning of a new series, I understand the need for proper world-building, so there will be an adjustment period – learning the author’s methods of revealing the cast/plot, etc…  AND I do have to note that I read a poorly formatted electronic galley – completely my fault.  The copy got messed up when I converted the PDF to MOBI for my Kindle and I didn’t realize that until I was almost done with the book… I think that this played a big part in my confusion.
      Sky and Cam are a good match. They have different histories, but they are both lost souls – for different reasons, and they connect in an almost spiritual manner. They discover hope and a joy for life within each other’s arms. I did get a bit annoyed with Skylar’s doubts about her physical appearance (thank goodness is wasn’t a big part of her character) and her need to blame herself for all that was going on. But she held her own, and those insignificant characteristics didn’t drag down the story.  And Cam… he is an alpha male that I can appreciate! He is a man with a sorted and complex past. He is flawed, but works through his own mess to find happiness.  Gabe best summed up Cam when he thought:

His daughter was with a man who hated Gabriel’s guts. But Cameron Morre was nothing like him. Cam was honorable.

      I adored the “side story” of Dylan and Riley. She is one tough cookie and kick-ass heroine in her own right. Her backstory was the most touching for me, and I was pulling for her every step of the way. I hope we’ll hear more about this wonderful character, and I look forward to finding out how she will find permanent inner-peace.
      I have to quickly mention Gabe… he’s not a nice man. He uses people to his achieve his own “greater good,” but loves his daughter to a fault.  I enjoyed his ambiguity and complex nature. One can only hope that we will see Gabe get a new lease on life and maybe find love…
      All-in-all, Lie With Me is an thrilling, romantic journey.  I look forward to continuing the story with Ms. Tyler’s second Shadow Force book, Promises In The Dark.

My Rating: 

Liked it a lot – recommend (B+)
Readers: I’ll be showcasing a Sneak Peek of Lie With Me for this week’s Sunday Snippets feature. Be sure to check back on Sunday!!

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  1. This is a great review hon!
    I hope you’ll be able to pick up Steph’s earlier trilogy some day. It’s just as great as this series and the men are just as yummy as Cam.