Sunday Snippets #34

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From Fearless Desires by Stacey Espino
Delius entered Selina’s bedroom just after one in the morning. She was curled up on her side, deep in sleep. He knelt down on one knee as he had the previous night and rested a hand on her forehead. He couldn’t resist brushing her skin with the backs of his fingers and noticed how satiny soft it felt. Pure female. Before entering her mind, he kept still and found peace just watching the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest, the innocent calm of her face and random twitching of her lips. She was having a good dream, not a nightmare. Satisfaction nearly toppled him over, even though his existence was to steal her sweet dreams away.
With a deep breath and personal encouragement that he was strong enough to resist the pull of this human’s mind, he delved in.
Immediately, erotic clips bombarded him, making him dizzy. What was wrong with this human? She packed a powerful punch of lust, unlike anything he’d experienced before. As if invited, he heard his name called. Not again. He needed to get into that second scar and find out what made this human tick. Javen would not stand waiting any longer without answers.
With as much strength as he could muster, he escaped the dark expanse where incessant random images flashed— images that no doubt held sexual meaning for Selina. He could feel her arousal even through her mind and he wasn’t immune to the effects.
He saw the two past scars. One he had visited, the other stood close enough to have occurred within hours. Having two life-changing traumas occur so close together would have made for one really shitty day. Then worry filled him. Was she capable of harming her adopted parents for being the informants of such painful news? He hadn’t asked her about her adoptive family. He would look into her history as soon as he returned home. What else could be so bad and on the same day?
He reached into the scar. But just as he felt contact, he was ripped from her mind, left feeling dazed.
Selina’s stared up at him with open eyes as he loomed over her bedside. She was conscious.
He pulled back in utter shock. No human had ever been able to regain consciousness with a Fear Demon working their mind. It was like anesthetic during surgery. Merciful.
Delius didn’t know what to say or how to react. What the hell reason could he have for being in her room in the middle of the night, kneeling by her bed with his hands on her? Not good, definitely not good.
He contemplated dematerializing, hoping she would think she dreamt the whole thing. He certainly couldn’t tell her the truth. Any minute she would no doubt start screaming bloody murder, so he had to think fast.
“Delius.” Her voice rang sweet, sensual, and inviting. Shit. The human was hot and emitting more of that potent sexual energy. Javen was absolutely right. Where the fuck was the fear? She should be terrified with a stranger at her side in the dead of night.
“Selina, are you okay?”
She leaned up onto one elbow, still on her side, and reached out to latch onto the back of his neck. Her touch sent shock waves through his already aroused body. She pulled him closer, her lips parting in anticipation. His logic fizzled away, and his sense of self-preservation was stomped out as she closed the distance between them. One kiss. Her lips were satiny soft like her skin, full and delicious. Her taste was as strong and sweet as her scent within him, and he could not pull away. Delius kissed her back, their lips moving together, savoring the sensations with deep thoroughness. He had to use both arms to brace himself on the mattress on either side of her as she pulled him closer. Her little moans had his muscles tensing. She was a siren, reeling him in and blinding his logic with her heady lust. He wanted nothing more than to take her right there and then, but he had to resist. Somehow she was his undoing and he had to keep control. But every lustful kiss told him to forget everything that ever mattered to him.
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