The Story of A First Gift

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Welcome to a special post here at That’s What I’m Talking About.  Today, I am participating in a special Blog Hop sponsored by author Liz Fichera. I hope you enjoy my story.

Lean in really close… I have a secret to share. *whispers* I’m going to cheat – just between you and me – this isn’t really about a first gift. Because to be honest I cannot remember the first gift my husband gave me. But I do remember the gift he gave me when I was pregnant with our first child. That counts – right?!
Back in August 2003, I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. I truly LOVED being pregnant. But, things were a bit chaotic.  I was working full time, and my husband was traveling – gone 2-4 nights per week.  We were in the middle of a MAJOR kitchen remodel project.  The entire kitchen and dining room were completely torn apart. We had a make-shift kitchen in our family room – it included a card table with a college-sized microwave, a mini-fridge below, a box full of paper products and a few dozen pantry items. Not to mention our full-sized solid wood dining room table set was placed in the middle of the family room along with our family room furniture.  It was crowded!  We were also working on the nursery and all of the fun things that come with the first kiddo.
On August 22, 2003, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  I wasn’t expecting much for a few reasons… First: we had a baby on the way and that was a big expense. Second: we were remodeling our home – another big expense. Third: my husband isn’t known for his gift giving abilities. He’s more of a sweet card and take-me-out-to-dinner kind of guy. (Although I’ve trained him since and he now gives me gift certificates to the spa. He’s learned well!)
So when he showed up that evening with a small box, I was a bit surprised. It was a jewelry sized box… what could it be? I hadn’t dropped any hints for jewelry, or any gifts for that matter.  When I opened the box my heart melted.  I found inside a beautiful silver locket with a note that said “On the 5th anniversary, you are supposed to give silverware. I’m giving you silver that you can wear.”  I started to cry. I blame the pregnancy hormones, but it was so incredibly sweet and such an amazing surprise.  And it re-enforced why I love that man so much!
My son at one week old, holding onto my “first gift.”
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  1. Oh.My.God. That is so incredibly sweet! I have a lump in my throat from reading your story! What a beautiful, thoughtful gift! And a prince of a guy. 🙂

    Thanks so much for participating in the Blog Hop! xo