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Meljean Brook has released the cover for her 7th GUARDIAN SERIES book (and the 11th story in the series)… I give you Demon Marked.  

Here is a little bit about the story (taken from Meljean’s website):

Recently escaped from a mental hospital where she spent the past two years, Ash is searching for answers, trying to discover who she is…and what she’s become. Tattoos mark her skin – which is sometimes crimson. Her eyes glow when she’s angry. And icy fear is a constant companion, along with a desperation she doesn’t understand, and a torturous pain that she can barely remember. Fueled by vague memories and newspaper reports, she searches for Nicholas St. Croix – a man who, five years ago, was suspected to have murdered a human woman…who looks exactly like Ash.

Nicholas St. Croix doesn’t know if he can trust the demon wearing the face of the woman he once loved – but if he wants to find out, he’ll have to keep her alive. Because the past is catching up to Nicholas, in the form of a demon commanded by Lucifer himself to sacrifice Ash and open a gateway to Hell. Protecting her means that Nicholas will find himself irrevocably changed, body and soul – and unaware that if he saves Ash’s life, Nicholas might be eternally damning the only woman he’s loved…

So awesome!! I love the colors and the tattoos rock! This is one of my absolutely favorite series and I cannot wait for the release of Demon Marked in August 2011 (*sobs* that’s such a long wait!). For more about the Guardian Series, please visit Meljean’s website HERE.

4 responses to “Cover Love

  1. um, I know it’s digitally enhanced but whomever that cover model is – HOLY HOTNESS!! Good LORD that cover is hot!!!!!!!!!

    I have only read Demon Moon so far and can’t wait to finally get to this book 🙂

  2. @Ing: SO. GOOD. Start reading now!

    @Pamela: I *heart* Colin and Savi and love this series!

    @Meljean: You are right! LOL…. Guess I’ll have to keep it posted for a while!