Review: The Prince’s Groom

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The Prince’s Groom
Author: KT Grant 
Release Date: November 12, 2010
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Book #2 of a Pirate-Themed Series
ISBN #: 9781607773702
Genre: M/M Romance, Pirates
Format(s):  e-book
From the author’s website:
Mr. Martin, the former first mate of an infamous pirate captain is mourning the loss of his young lover. He and Thomas de Fleurre, an exiled prince turned gentleman landowner, had a passionate affair on a tropical island paradise for a very short time. Thomas decides to end their relationship since Martin is a wanted man on the run for a twenty-year-old crime he didn’t commit.
Thomas longs for the frank speaking Martin, who not only ravaged his body, but his heart and soul. He has moved on, finding happiness in the arms of another man, but can’t stop thinking about those hot steamy nights where Martin made his every fantasy become a reality.
Martin’s past comes back to haunt him as he arrives on Thomas’s doorstep to finish what they started. And then Martin puts his life on the line to save Thomas from an unstable woman who is obsessed with claiming Thomas as her own.
With a dangerous highwayman also terrorizing the land who has close ties to Martin, Thomas becomes a target in a deadly game of cat and mouse. It’s up to Martin to save Thomas and hope they can sail away on their tide of passion, where he will end up being the Prince’s groom. 
What I’m talking about:
It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed an M/M romance and so I jumped to purchase KT Grant’s (aka @katiebabs on Twitter) debut M/M story.  The book is the second in her pirate-themed series, following The Princess’s Bride.  I did not read the first book and I’m sorry that I didn’t prior to reading The Prince’s Groom.
The story begins with the wedding of Thomas’s sister, Daisy, to former pirate, Chelsey. We discover that Thomas and Martin are in the midst of an incredibly hot fling, but Thomas feels obligated to go back home and perform the duties his status as a gentleman landowner holds. He longs for Martin to come with him, but because he is an outlaw, it just won’t work.
Fast forward one year: Thomas has upheld his duties, and although he has another lover, he is lonely and misses Martin.  Meanwhile, Ramona, the youngest daughter of the local sherriff, Viscount Alastair Veiga, has set her deranged sights on Thomas. She craves love along with power and prestige and thinks that Thomas loves her and will marry her.
Overall, the story is exciting, well-thought-out and sexy. I adore Martin and Thomas. Their love for one another is almost innocent and so touching. Their sex is passionate and hot! Thomas’s new lover, William, is also a well-developed side character. His ardor for his boss and friend feels sincere and his heartache true.
Ramona is a bitch and completely unstable. Her treatment of her dear, meek older sister, Julia, is outrageous and perfectly evil. She is a character you long to hate, and Ramona makes it easy to do so.
Although Ms. Grant did a fabulous job providing backstory from the first book, I felt I was missing out by not reading it first. It seems that Martin and Thomas’s beginnings were in The Princess’s Bride, and I would have appreciated reading about their first meeting, first kiss, first encounter. 
I enjoyed reading The Prince’s Groom, and plan to go back and pick up The Princess’s Bride. The story is delightful and the romance hot. For those that are on the fence about an M/M story, this is a gay romance and the sex scenes are deliciously descriptive!
My Rating: 
Liked it a lot – recommend (B+)

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