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Welcome to the Fourth and final week of my Month of Celebrating!  
Today I want to tell you about another one of my favorite authors: Meljean Brook.  I don’t even know where to start other than to say Meljean ROCKS and you really need to read her stuff!  Her Guardian Series includes one of my ALL TIME favorite books: Demon Moon. The main couple, Savi and Colin, make my heart melt. The book is that perfect mixture of romance, emotional upheaval, action, adventure… And the great thing is – every book in the Guardian series is just as wonderful.
But wait… that’s not all! Meljean’s new steampunk-romance series is amazing. The first full-length novel, The Iron Duke, is also one of my ALL TIME favorite books. If you have not read this book – you really must add it to your list NOW.  Click HERE for my full review of The Iron Duke.
I could go on and on about how much I *heart* Meljean’s writing. But I wanted to let you know what a cool chick she is as well. Who else do you turn to when you want to discuss Wonder Woman or Nickelodeon’s The Last Airbender (the REAL Avatar)? She is one of those geeky-chic gals, and I totally crush on her! And have you seen her book-pr0n post?! Her sense of humor is outstanding.
Meljean has been a big part of my first year blogging. She always answers my questions and spreads the word on my reviews. Her support has picked me up when I’ve felt a bit blue about blogging. She takes the time to chat on twitter and has been uber-generous by writing a guest-postdoing an author interview, and giving me great stuff to giveaway, all during my first year! I look forward to stalking finally meeting her this August in Philadelphia at the Authors After Dark convention.
To help me celebrate my one year BLOGIVERSARY and my upcoming 40th birthday, Meljean has generously donated a signed SET of ALL SIX of her Guardian Series full-length books!!! Thank you, Meljean!! (rules for giveaway are below)
I hope you all are enjoying my MONTH OF CELEBRATING! I know I am!!  Be sure to enter my $40 Birthday Gift Card giveaway as well. For more information, please go HERE. Once again, thank you all for making my first year of blogging such a success!
Rules for the giveaway:
1) Contest is open from Monday February 21, 2011 to Friday February 25, 2011 at 11:00 PM EST.  
2) In order to enter, you must leave a comment telling me which romantically-linked couple from literature is your favorite. (The couple can come from any genre.) 
3) Please also leave your email address so that I may contact you if you win. (If you prefer not to leave your email, you may send it to me confidentially.) 
4) You do not have to be a follower of my blog, but it is appreciated. 
5) Winner must be 18 years of age.  
6) Each person that leaves a comment and follows the rules for the giveaway will receive an entry for the giveaway – only one entry per person. 
7) Winner will be selected from all eligible entries using random.org. 
8) The winner will be announced on my blog on Saturday February 26, 2011. Winner will have one week to contact me or another winner will be selected. 
9) The contest is open to US, Canadian and INTERNATIONAL mailing addresses.

76 responses to “Celebrating… Meljean Brook

  1. Ohhhhhhh I always wante dto try out these books cuz I loved The Iron Duke. You are so right her writing is awesome. Thanks so much for teh chance. Now to your question:
    My favorite couple. *hmmm* I’m not sure I can choose but in celebration of this weeks release I choose Cat & Bones from the Night Huntress novels by Jeaniene Frost. These 2 are just awesome- I love how kick-ass Cat is and seriously after Chapter 32 can anyone still resist Bones?

  2. Eh… Regin the Radiant and Declan Chase from Kresley Cole’s Dreams of a Dark Warrior? My heart still goes thwack, soar, shrivel, explode when I recall the scenes between them. My favourite changes consistently, but KC’s latest holds the spot… for now.

    vimto.syn AT gmail DOT com

  3. Wow, all 6 books?! That is an awesome giveaway. I’m so happy that you have found so many amazing authors who appreciate your support and show it by becoming more like a friend to you! 🙂

    My favorite romantic couple would be Tristen and Zosia from The Perfect Scandal by Delilah Marvelle! They both have such unique circumstances yet that compliments their amazing relationship to the core!

    One more week for your celebration, soak it up as much as possible! 🙂


  4. I *love* the Guardians books — haven’t gotten a chance to read Iron Duke yet, but it sounds awesome!

    I have several favorite couples, but it often depends on what I’m reading! Right now, for example, I’m fresh into the relationship of Cayleb and Sharleyan in By Schism Rent Asunder by David Weber, and I just love them. As a kid, my favorite couple was actually a pair of mice: Matthias and Cornflower from Brian Jacques’s Redwall. But I always return to Meliara and Vidanric (Sherwood Smith’s Crown Duel) when I need a comfort read.

    Thanks for hosting these cool contests! I saw your link retweeted from Qqwill, and I’m glad she pointed out your blog. Happy blog anniversary!

  5. B.

    I’m not entering the contest, but had to say…
    OMG!!! I LOVE Meljean’s writing!!
    *bounce, bounce, bounce*
    Way to go, Jen!!!

  6. I absolutely loved The Iron Duke. I haven’t read any of the Guardian series yet.

    Rhys & Mina are a favorite couple of mine, not that I’m trying to win brownie points…hehe. I also loved Ivy & Mad Machen, too. 🙂

    Outside of Meljean’s characters, my favorite is Gabe & Kat from Pamela Clare’s Naked Edge.

    GFC follower.

    jenma76 at hotmail dot com

  7. My fav couple would be Christina and Lyon from Julie Garwood’s “The Lion’s Lady”. My mom gave me that book to read many years ago and it is what got me hooked on romance!
    Grats on 1 year and Happy Birthday!!



  8. Wow that’s really a hard question I love so many couples. But I have to admit that Jericho Barrons and Mackayla Lane from the fever series from Karen Moning, is up there in my book. Then Raphael and Elena from the angel series from Nalini Singh, or even Sienna and Hawke (still yet to read it coming out soon, but I’m sure they will surpass all my other couples.

    Happy Birthay BTW



  9. I’d have to say Zsadist and Bella from J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, their relationship has survived so much hardship and the fact that Zsadist was willing to change so much for Bella (yet still be bloody scary) is amazing. Any woman would be blessed to have a man that devoted to her.
    The series sounds fab so count me in 🙂

  10. I loved Meljean’s short story that I read in “Must Love Hellhounds” and am really looking forward to reading more from her!

    Favorite couple at the moment are Katsa and Po from Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I love a couple who understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses while not pushing each other to change.

    rummanaha at hotmail dot com (a private GFC follower)

  11. nat

    Wow awesome contest thanks. My favorite couple would have to be Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games. Whats not to love about them, it got off to a slow start but worked out in the end. Also love Lissa and Christian from Vampire Academy.

    natcleary at gmail dot com

  12. Raphael and Elena from Nalini Singh and Rhett and Scarlett from Gone with the Wind – just cos they weren’t the “perfect” couple and sometimes that’s how life goes 🙂

  13. what a wonderful little blog you have here 🙂 My first time visiting. My favorite couple is who ever I am reading at the moment . Today I will go with Mac and Barrons. Barrons is the ultimate alpha-male and I have *thing for them 😉


  14. Hmm, this is a toughie. Cat & Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s NH series or Clay & Elena from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series or Kate & Curran (Ilona Andrews). Yeah, I can’t pick just one ;).

  15. I think my favorite couple is Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes from Laurie King’s series. Though Han and Leia run a close second.

  16. I think I NEED this prize. I totally LOVED the Iron Duke. I keep holding out hope that Sookie and Bill will patch things up (I know, I’m like the only one, but I just feel so bad for him for being suck a bonehead).

  17. My favourite romantically-linked couple from literature would be Cat and Bones from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


  18. One of my favorite couples would have to be Lilith and Hugh Castleford from Demon Angel by Meljean Brook, I just Loved the way they interact with each other. I would love to win so that I can finally catch up on the series.

    vhuipio at hotmail dot com

  19. I am sooooo in love with Colin and Savi right now! i love thier sense of humor and was soooo dissapointed when i finished the book yesterday! looking forward to demon night!!!!! I have to say i am sooo happy the borders lady recommended this series to me! i love paranoraml romances and am waiting on the Black Dagger Brotherhood coming out next month and was looking for a good series and I am sooo happy to have found Meljean! I would love to win the autographed series! either way I am posting her on my facebook to let everyone know how great this series is!

    Nora @ noritarico@yahoo.com

  20. I have so many favorites… who to choose?

    Kate and Curran from Ilona Andrews’ Magic Series?

    Mercy and Adam from Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson series?

    Phedre and Joscelin from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series?

    Elena and Clay from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series?

    Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series?

    Jackie and Zane and Noah from Jill Myles Succubus Diaries?

    I can’t decide! *head explodes from too many choices*

    dracos169 at gmail dot com

  21. Hmmm, there are so many Wrath and Beth, Acheron and Tory, Cat and Bones, Hugh and Lilith, the list goes on awhile. I want to be Lilith, though. She is Awesome!

  22. 2) Egads – how to pick! To name but a few…I love Kresley Cole’s Lachlain and Emma, Yasmine Galenorn’s Camille and her three husbands, Trillian, Smoky and Morio, Nalini Singh’s Elena and Raphael, Caitlin Kittredge’s Pete and Jack and Stacia Kane’s Chess and Terrible.

    3) vaderfangirl (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    4) I follow.
    5) I’m 22.

  23. That’s a tough choice but I love Zsadist and Bella from J.R. Ward’s BDB series. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!


  24. I’m going out on a limb and choose a triad not a couple. I will go with Todd/Erin/Ben from Lauren Dane’s Laid Bare. I have enjoyed watching them become a family from the first book. With only one book left in the series I will miss them when they are gone.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  25. Ive really been wanting to read her books. Thanks for the chance.

    My favorite is Eve and Roarke from the In Death series. I love them together.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  26. My current favorite is Kate and Curran, but that could change at any time. I’m a GFC follower, thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    whatbookisthat at gmail dot com


  27. I have a lot of favorite couples.Riley and Quinn from the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur.Cat and Bones. Rose and Dimitri from the Vampire Academy series is another.

    I am a follower

  28. Happy Birthday! My favorite couple is Aisling Grey and Stake from Kate MacAlister’s Aisling Grey series. They are a funny cute couple. Thank you for having a great contest.

  29. My favorite couple is Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. Everything with them is just so intense, you can feel the emotion.

    Barbed1951 at aol.com

  30. Ok, My favorite couple…. it changes all the time. Eve and Rhys, from the Death series…
    Sasha and Lucas from Nalini Singh’s Psy series….
    Lilith and Hugh… They stayed my favorite longest especially since I discovered the demon series about 2 years ago. They haven’t been knocked of the top just made room and at the moment my favorite are:
    Lady Wilhelmina Wentworth THE detective inspector and Rhys The Iron Duke. They were hot dang it awesome… I was going to wait to read the series until there were more of them out but I couldn’t help myself.
    ok, I don’t know where to leave my email but I’m going to add it here.
    martsmoons AT gmail.com

  31. Una

    Wow, another tough question that just cannot have one answer. I agree with many of those listed above so I will add a few news ones instead:

    Mercy and Riley – Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changling

    Sebastian St. Cyr and Hero Jarvis – C.S. Harris Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries

    Allie & Zayvion – Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series

    Aren and the Hob – Patricia Brigg’s Hob’s Bargain novel.

  32. Wow what a giveaway!

    My favorite couple I have to say is Acheron and Tori from the Dark Hunter series though I have many more too many to name I would be here all night naming them lol.


  33. I’m new to Meljean, but The Iron Duke is one fantastic piece of work! Her writing style and imagination far surpassed my expectations.

    As far as my favorite romantically-linked couple, I will go with the first ones to pop in my head: Cat & Bones! This couple’s dedication to one another is the stuff of legends. They share a life full of romance, adventure, lust, friendship, humor, fun, loyalty, and mayhem. They would walk through Hell and back for the other, and they would leave a trail of bodies in their wake. Don’t screw with this couple. They are full of WIN!

    I love the book pr0n post! Good stuff! 😀

    Thanks for the opp to win this series – so freakin fantastic!
    SmashAttackReads at gmail dot com

  34. I’ll go with Eve Dallas and Roarke, from JDRobb’s In Death series as favorite romantic couple. They are so devoted to each other. They complete one another. (Email in profile.)

    The Iron Duke was wonderful! Thanks for offering the great Meljean prize.

  35. Una

    Gikany asked me to post for her: My top three favorite couples, oddly enough, aren’t from romances…

    1. F’lar and Lessa from Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series.

    2. Polgara and Durnik from the Belgariad series by David Eddings.

    3. Warren and Kyle from Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series.

    4. And I have to add Rhage and Mary because I can’t believe no one has mentioned them yet from Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

    Her email address is: gikany AT earthlink DOT net

    (Gikany says that she’ll now have to get a google account or something so she can post here).

  36. Favourite romantically-linked couple from literature is and always will be Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy!
    Glad I got introduced to your blog this month 😉
    Meljean is certainly extremely generous!

    Email: jade (dot) marie (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. Ah, so many to choose from…but I think I’ll have to go with Charles and Anna from Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series.

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  38. I had to keep Goodreads open in another tab while reading this comment chain, so many fabulous couples!

    I agree with a lot that has come before me (Katsa and Po, Mercy and Adam, Elena and Raphael, Aren and The Hob (excited *squee* when I read that one), Claire and Jamie).

    To add something new to the endeavor, I’ll go with Stuart and Emma from UNTIE MY HEART (Judith Ivory, historical romance) and Vivian and Gabriel from BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE (Vivian Vande Velde, YA urban fantasy).

    Thanks for the give away, I’ve always wanted to go back to the beginning of Guardians and read them in order!

    julia (dot) payne (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. While already a fan of Iron Seas (I literally read 2 pages of Here there Be Monsters and bought the anthology it was in, sight-unseen), I had been holding off on the Guardian series, knowing that if I started it, I would be dead to the world for a week and go through them far too quickly, LOL. Meljean rocks my socks… but here of course, is the perfect opportunity to do just that! 😀 😀 😀

    As for my favorite literature couples, the first and strongest of my affection would have to be Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (brought up on the classics). Though a VERY close second would be Phedre and Joscelin from the Kushiel saga – though they start off rocky, they really work at it and learn to accept each other for who they are; no judging, no jealousy – just trust and respect.

    And though I am not a follower, I really should be (once I get this whole RSS thing figured out. 🙂

    ironreidin (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. Cool giveaway! The Iron Duke is one of my unforgettable favorites too.

    I am a HUGE fan of Julia Spencer-Fleming’s books. Russ Van Alstyn and Claire Fergusson rock my world in her Miller’s Kill series.

    ray6889 AT hotmail DOT com

  41. What a loaded question? Let’s see, here is my top 3.

    1) Cat & Bones (Night Huntress series)

    2) Barrons & MacKayla (Fever series)

    3) Kate & Curran (Kate Daniels series)

    This is one hell of a giveaway. Would love to get these *fingers crossed* Still, good luck everybody 🙂

    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  42. Meljean is AWESOME ! i would really like to read the series back to back coz she’s a new for me author !

    – Favorite couples :

    * CAT and Bones from The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene frost

    * Ciara Griffin and Shane McAllister from WVMP RADIO series by Jeri Smith-Ready

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  43. Aaaaaah! Im so behin on keeping up with my fave blogs that I’m just seeing this and have to enter!!! I rea Demon Moon and LOVED it, even tho I was a tad bit lost bc I skipped the 1st bk bc it wasn’t available for NOOKbook! Anyway, I LOVE her writing style and would LOVE to read this set!!!!!
    My favorite couple has to be Regin and Declan from Kresley Cole’s latest IAD book … That book is just… *SWOON* Some day you’ll eventually get to it right Jen 😛
    spazp at me dot com

  44. Oh Zsadist and Bella are a great one too. Shame on me for not adding them 🙁

    Sadly though, I haven’t read the Iron Duke yet. That is how I heard Meljean Brooks name. Everybody has been talking about it. Man I need to get the ball rolling LOL!

  45. I would really have to say Kate and Curran from Kate Daniels because the way they interact with each other is a lot of fun and has continued to stay true to their personalities.

    ricerocket10 AT hotmail DOT com

  46. My favourite romantically-linked couple from literature is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. I love to reread Pride and Prejudice every year!
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway.
    I’m a blog follower.

    Giada M.

    fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

  47. Wow, what a wonderful celebration for your 1st blogaversary.

    Now to pick the couples. I love combinations where they help one another but also have wonderful sarcastic wit bouncing around.

    Kate & Curran
    Mercy & Adam
    Warren & Kyle

    I know I have more, just cant dig them out of my brain.

    Email is imnverted at gmail dot com

  48. This is awesome Twiny! Now I have to think long and hard about the couple. Hmmm…smell that burning smell? That’s my brain!

    Ok there are a bunch so here goes:

    Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. *swoon*

    Mac & Barrons from The Fever Series

    Kate and Curran from The Kate Daniels series

    Roarke and Eve from the In Death Series.

    You know how to find me. *wink*

  49. I absolutely LOVED The Iron Duke and I have so been wanting to start the Guardian Series!

    Favorite couple; Cat & Bones from Night Huntress


  50. My favourite couple? Well, I have so many … I especially love Roarke and Eve Dallas from the In Death series by JD Robb, Kate and Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews & Mercy and Adam from the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.


  51. Oh my gosh I have so many couples I love in books but at the minute it would have to be Willow and Alex in Angel by L.A Weatherly! I love how they fall in love and the way Alex is descibed he sounds so hot and really nice lol.

    Am a GFC Follower: Twilighter


  52. I am currently enjoying the romance between Jeanine Frost’s Kat and Bones. Love me some Bones. Rowr. 😀

    sanremoave (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks for the contest!

  53. I’m following a couple of your blogs right now. Much to my laughable effort at try to even keep online today due to a blizzard whirling around our mountain I’m surprised I finally got here..*S*
    My favorite couple is Seth and Leah in “The Reluctant Dom” by Tymber Dalton. I was so emotionally wrapped up in this couple I cried for a few days. Yes..I’m a crier at both movies and books. Both my adult children think I’m silly over the books but…what the heck.

    Thanks fo rthe chance to win Meljeans books. I’ve read one and I’m hooked. I love to laugh jsut as much…*S*


  54. Oh, I love Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s series. There’s so much chemistry.

    I’ve read the Iron Duke and loved it, but haven’t read any of the Guardian series. Great giveaway!

    buriedbybooks at gmail dot com

  55. Jen

    Wow, brilliant giveaways! Meljean is a force to be reckoned with.
    I’ve been re-immersing myself in Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South again, and it still is to this day my favourite romance, featuring my favourite tumultuous couple, John Thornton and Margaret Hale. Though it does take a good deal of slog and patience to get to the good parts, but it’s the journey and not the destination that counts. 😉

  56. I read The Iron Duke and loved it, but I haven’t had a chance to read the Guardians series yet. I’m excited to give them a try.

    Favorite literary couple…hmmm…I’ll go with my favorite all-time book and say Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester from (what else?) Jane Eyre.


  57. I love Johnny Duane Reed and Crystal Debrowski from Cindy Gerards Black ops series Whisper no Lies. You don’t get to see many polish names so that’s cool but i loved both characters as well.

    There are so many awesome couple in books. Could make a long list if i tried. Awesome giveaway!

    Lisa B
    modokker at yahoo dot com

  58. I introduced myself to Meljean Brook’s works recently with Here There Be Monsters. Awesome novella. I’m reading The Iron Duke right now.

    As far as a favorite, I’m going with an oldie. Ayla and Jondalar from the Earth’s Children Series by Jean Auel.