Celebrating… with Mama Kitty

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We interrupt Twimom’s usual blogging activities to bring you a special guest post from my dear friend Mama Kitty from Mama Kitty Reviews. She is here today to help me CELEBRATE my one year Blogiversary and upcoming birthday.  She is one of those special people I have met this first year of blogging and I cannot thank her enough for her friendship.

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But enough from me… Take it away, Mama K!!
Jen and I met a little over a year ago, right around the time I was suffering from the worst hangover in the entire world after New Year’s Eve out with my mother-in-law. I’ve since learned not to party with the MIL, but have grabbed onto Jen with both hands and held on because she’s such a wonderful person. I’m blessed to have such a smart, funny, and awesome person in my life and I want to wish her a very happy 40th birthday and 1st blogiversary!
When Jen emailed asking how I celebrate, I thought the answer would be relatively simple. But it’s not. Why? Well, it depends on what we’re celebrating. If it’s Monkey-related, we either go to Chuck E. Cheese’s and load up on the aspirin, or we head out to the pool and set up the barbecue pit. If it’s PK-related, we’ll head to the racetrack and grab a beer, or stay at home, set up the speakers he uses to play gigs, and buy out the local Spec’s. But if I’m the one celebrating… I prefer a bottle of wine, a hot tub, and some Michael Bublé playing in the background. Oh crap, that’s not for celebrations. That’s my idea of a romantic night in. *blushes* Sorry about that. 
No, these days, I’m more about staying in than going out. I like to have a few friends over to my house, order a pizza, and just chill out for the evening. On the rare occasion I do go out, it’s to a club with some great music so I can shake my bootay with my best girlfriends (of course, I can’t remember the last time I actually did that…)
Now, if I were going to throw a celebration where money was no object? I’d fly my girls out to Barbados and hit up Harbour Lights, where I spent my 25th birthday while I was deployed. We’d dance until our legs gave out, have a few drinks, and oogle all the hotties on the beach.
Or I’d just fly all my girls to Houston so we could hang out at my place, watching Gerard Butler movies and drinking SmutClubs until we turned into giggling 12 year olds. 
Happy birthday & blogiversary, sweets! I raise my glass to you and send you lots of love!

3 responses to “Celebrating… with Mama Kitty

  1. Oh what a wonderful celebration post from one good friend to another! I love it, and I’m not going to lie…your idea of sitting around drinking it up with the girls and watching Gerard Butler movies is AWESOME! 🙂

    Jen I hope you are having a wonderful birthday/blogoversary month so far!