IAD Discussion: A Hunger Like No Other (Book #2)

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Hello friends and welcome to the Second Month of the Immortals After Dark 2011 Reading Challenge Discussion.

This is the “open discussion thread” for chatting about Kresley Cole’s second IAD story:

Unfortunately, I have not yet finished reading the book. *hangs head in shame* I have decent excuses – major bomb dropped on me at work and then I left for vacation…  I know, a real sob story. LOL.

According to my Kindle, I am 30% completed with the book. My goal is to have it done and the review posted over the weekend.  But I don’t want my failures to halt the Reading Challenge Discussions… SO please go on without me.

FIRST – if you have read the book and have a review – PLEASE POST A LINK in the comment section.

SECOND – Please discuss what you liked and disliked about A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER in the comment section. How did you like Lachlain and Emma? What do you think about the Lykae race? How do you like the direction of the overall mythology?  Etc, etc. Since I have only read a third of the book, I can’t supply thought-provoking questions for discussion. So please, add your own!

I humbly apologize for failing you all this early in the reading challenge. I hope that next month I make up for it!  Happy Reading!

5 responses to “IAD Discussion: A Hunger Like No Other (Book #2)

  1. Here is my review: http://www.geekybloggersbookblog.com/2011/02/review-repost-hunger-like-no-other-by.html

    I read this one first so that might have “hurt” this book actually. I wasn’t prepared for the “sex for power” (my thing I had last month) so it kind of was a turn off in the book. I really enjoyed the 2nd half of this book though. It was fantastic.

    Now that I am better prepared, I think the rest of the series will be very good for me 🙂

  2. This one was a bit bodice-rippery, but I found it incredibly sexy anyhow (not sure what that says about me, right? right). Maybe because it never moved out of the realm of fantasy for me? Like, I knew it was going to be over the top as soon as he chewed off his own leg to get to her. That is not a man that goes by half measures. 😉

    I liked that Emma grew stronger over the book, and I loved the intensity of the emotion between the two of them. I think that’s what I responded to the most. 🙂

  3. I originally read this book last summer. Here’s my review: http://www.lovetoreadforfun.com/2010/08/review-hunger-like-no-other-by-kresley.html

    I had a problem with the book in the beginning specifically Lachlain and the shower scene. But once I got past that and the story progressed, I started enjoying the story and Lachlain. Emma too a long time to grow on me as well as her Valkyrie aunts. Those women are frustratingly annoying! LOL! But in the end it was an awesome story and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

  4. So I read the book… review will be posted soon.


    Like Jill, I liked how Emma grew. I think the second half of the book was must stronger than the first half. I was disappointed a bit with the demise of the Horde leadership, and felt Emma’s dad being who he was, was a bit… eh. BUT I am looking forward to finding out what will happen within the Horde!